Chi Machine


When you want an easy and effective aid to get and stay healthy…

You realise you need to take some action to improve or maintain your physical health. For whatever reason it’s just not happening. Right now you need a shortcut to starting or extending the exercise you get.

Perhaps you don’t have a lot of time to exercise because of your busy lifestyle. You keep meaning to, but don’t manage to exercise quite as often as you’d like.

Or you’re unable to exercise because of a condition or injury. Like my friend who has MS affecting her legs so she can’t walk far, but now has strong leg muscles from using her Chi Machine.

Or you want to gain even more benefit than you already do from exercising. You’re already exercising regularly, but still have a health niggle you’d like to resolve.

There is an answer to your needs: The Sun Ancon Chi Machine®

15 minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to a 90 minute brisk walk!

A machine? No thanks, I prefer natural methods. That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard of the Chi Machine – I prefer to do things the natural way by eating well, relaxing and taking exercise. But, as happens to many of us, my exercising was sometimes restricted by other demands on my time.

The following 4 minute video shows the chi machine in use, and highlights some of its benefits.

When I saw the dramatic effect the Chi Machine had had on my friends my mind was opened. After using her machine twice a day for about seven weeks Sarah looked so vibrant and found the bloating in her stomach had gone. She and her husband had both lost weight – Tim going down two trouser sizes!

Mairi, who has MS and is very limited with her exercise, uses her Chi machine everyday to keep her leg muscles strong. “The best money I ever spent”.

So I decided to give it a go. Although I had some minor niggles, my main aim was to use the Chi Machine to help maintain my health. I gradually built up to using it for ten minutes each morning before  breakfast. A few weeks later I suddenly realised that my joints, which had been feeling stiff after sitting for a long time, were no longer sore!

Time out in Bavaria meant I didn’t use the Chi Machine for two weeks, and by the end of my break I noticed the joint stiffness had returned. While I hadn’t set out to test the Chi Machine on my joints, it seemed the Chi Machine was indeed keeping my joints more healthy.

Interestingly it’s also made me even more aware of the need to exercise, and I’ve found I’m taking more regular lunchtime walks.

How do people benefit from using a chi machine?

Over a million Chi Machines have been sold worldwide, with reports of it benefiting a wide range of conditions. With regular usage (10 minutes in the morning and evening) the Chi Machine may:

  • improve the ability of cells to take in oxygen
  • reduce swollen legs (especially for lymphoedema sufferers)
  • support the lymphatic system
  • help detoxification and relaxation
  • stimulate organs
  • soften muscular stiffness
  • release tension
  • stretch the spine
  • tighten tissue and ligaments
  • increase the rate of weight loss.

So, what exactly is a Sun Ancon Chi Machine®?

Dr Inoue noticed that when a fish swims it gently swings its tail, generating a wave of movement along its spine. Unlike babies and children, adults rarely make this movement, which gently exercises the whole spine. This movement of the spine in turn promotes the circulation, taking oxygen to the cells and removing metabolic waste; leading a sense of well-being in just a few minutes.

After investigating the effects of oxygen motion in the body for thirty eight years, in 1990 Dr Inoue introduced this movement to humans through his Chi Machine or ‘Aerobic Exerciser’. He calls it the ‘Goldfish Method’.

How do you use it?

  • Wait until an hour of eating or drinking alcohol.
  • First you drink a glass of water. The water will help you eliminate any metabolic waste from your body through the kidneys and urine.
  • You lie on your back with your feet slightly elevated, and resting on the machine. The machine gently swings your feet from side to side, inducing a gentle wave through your spine. This exercises your entire spine and its muscles.
  • You start with just two minutes at a time, and gradually build up. I find ten minutes a day is fine, though some people use it for longer, and some twice a day.
  • When the machine stops you lie still for another two minutes. You may feel the tingling effect of the chi throughout your body.
  • Then bend your knees and gently allow them to fall to the left and then to the right, while keeping your shoulders on the floor. This stretches and relaxes your lower back muscles.
  • Finally drink another glass of water, to ensure any toxins released get washed out of your body.

What does the medical profession have to say?

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine has been verified and certified in Japan, Canada, USA and Australia by Health Professionals as a therapeutic aid. It is the only chi machine to have been clinically tested, and proven to be beneficial to the general population.

How does it work?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, for a healthy and balanced body the life force energy (or chi) must flow smoothly to every cell of the body. When the energy becomes blocked you feel unwell and may experience physical symptoms. When the blockage persists dis-ease may set in.

The Chi Machine helps distribute your life-force energy throughout your body.

Beware of cheaper imitation chi machines on the market. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine has a specific swing frequency of 140 swings per minute, which relates to physiological functions such as pulse rate, heart rate, and blood pressure. This frequency is patented, so no other machine can be the same.


The chi machine is not recommended: during pregnancy, within 3 months of major surgery or bone fracture, with serious heart disease, with serious infection or bleeding injuries,  with epilepsy, or malignancies. Please take medical advice if you have a serious health issue.

What does it cost?

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine® costs $750 Australian dollars including:

  • worldwide delivery
  • an unconditional 14 day money-back guarantee (excluding freight costs)
  • a two year guarantee on parts and labour.

As a guide this price converted to £362 British Pounds, or $529 US dollars, on 28 April 2009.

To convert Australian Dollars into your local currency, please use the Shopper’s Currency Converter (opens new window).

VAT, which is applicable as an extra charge in the UK, may be waived by Customs and Excise if you have a chronic illness or disability such as osteoarthritis, migraine, varicose veins, MS, ME, back pain etc.

How do I find out more, or make an order?

If you’d like to find out more about the Sun Ancon Chi Machine®, or make an order please Contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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