Jul 252008

It’s rare for clients to ask me what they can do before their healing session, though they often ask me what to do afterwards.

If you scatter seeds on unprepared soil, most likely some of them will germinate and grow. If you dig the soil, add some compost and water it first, you’ll end up with more luxuriant plants.

Similarly, while it’s by no means essential to prepare before a healing session, but by doing so, you’ll greatly increase your healing potential.

Three ways to increase your healing potential

Whether you’re about to do some self-healing, or go for a healing session, try these simple ways to prepare.

1. Drink some water

Just as plants need water to germinate and grow, your body needs water to heal.

If your body is dehydrated the energy flows get stuck, so your body’s attempts to heal are greatly diminished.

So, aim to drink several glasses of water a day; and at least one before your healing session.

2. Set a clear intention for your healing

The Law of Attraction tells us that ‘what we think about we bring about’. Our reality is indeed based on our thoughts, and in turn the feelings which our thoughts create.

So another way to prepare is to set a clear intention for your healing. For example:

  • I intend my shoulder to feel comfortable, and to function fully, or something better.
  • I intend to feel energised and hopeful, or something better.
  • I intend to play tennis easily, or something better.

Phrase your intention as if it has already happened, and make it positive.

As human beings we don’t always have the bigger picture, so adding the phrase ‘or something better’ gives space for the universe to give you a better outcome.

Say your intention to yourself periodically before your healing.

3. Trust the healing process

Just like plants growing, healing is a natural process. However, as a human you have free will, which makes for rich life experiences, but easily gets in the way of the natural healing process.

One of the main ways your thoughts can sabotage your healing, is by starting to doubt that the healing will work. Once you think “I’m not sure if this is going to help me” a few times, the universe gets the message that you’re not sure about your intention, and responds accordingly, again through the Law of Attraction.

When a doubtful thought arises, switch your thoughts back to your intention, and allow yourself to trust that you, and where appropriate your healer, will initiate your natural healing processes into action.

If your doubts continue, address them, or ask your healer to help you address them at the start of your session.

The Delicious Nugget: Just as prepared soil gives more luxuriant plants, you can maximise your healing potential by drinking water, setting a positive healing intention and trusting the healing process.

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