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Person leaping forwardWe make our New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, fully motivated to get started and see them through.

Then, after a week or so, many resolutions bite the dust. This article gives you two rather different ways to power up your resolutions.

The difficulty in keeping resolutions lies in the gap between your current reality, and where you want to be. If you make a resolution to exercise at the gym three times a week, and your current exercise is limited to some walking and housework, there’s a large gap to cover. As you become aware of the gap all sorts of doubts creep in, threatening your resolve to move forward.

Here are two different approaches to your resolutions that take your focus away from the pitfalls of the gap
to more positive perspectives.

1. Start with ‘I don’t know how’

The One Command always incorporates the phrase ‘I don’t know how’ at the start of a ‘command’.

‘I don’t know how
I exercise at the gym three times a week’

feels far more friendly than ‘I exercise at the gym three times a week’

Try saying your resolution with ‘I don’t know how’ at the start, a few times over, and see what difference you notice. Saying ‘I don’t know how’ turns off your doubting mind, and opens up possibilities.

There’s more information on using The One Command, including a guided audio recording here. Commands are only made once, so this is a phrase to use when you set your intention. Should any doubts arise you meet them with a new command.

2. Live ‘in the question’

Another approach is that of Access Consciousness, which advocates living in the question rather than looking for solutions.

‘What are the infinite possibilities
for exercising at the gym three times a week?’
has an expansive and dynamic feel which opens up possibilities in your mind….

You could further expand your resolution with a second question

’What would it take for that to show up?’

Living in the question means continually asking the question, or new variations of it, so you keep on asking questions!
The Delicious Nugget: You can power yourself across the yawning gap between your current reality and that of your intention firstly by incorporating the phrase ‘I don’t know how’, and secondly by asking questions such as ‘What are the infinite possibilities for …?’

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