Apr 192007

How would you like to experience the feeling of new life and energy that springtime brings? Cast off the heaviness and sluggishness of winter, and step forward with a new lightness of being?

In springtime I’m ready to get up at 6, have lots of fresh energy, and feel myself turning away from the heavy soups of winter to fresh, crisp salads.

While I’ve experienced the arrival of spring more than fifty times, somehow the freshness and vibrancy of the new energy always comes as a surprise. I’m mesmerised by the changes as the earth transforms herself with longer days, spring flowers, a myriad of shades of green, and the dawn chorus.

These changes are propelled by energies emanating from the earth, and we can tap into this fountain of change and vibrancy to benefit our sense of well-being, and in turn our health.

Everything in our world is made up of energy, vibrating at different rates. Solid matter like your computer or your body is dense with a slow vibration, while colours, thoughts and feelings vibrate at higher levels. Feelings follow a spectrum from the relatively low vibration of apathy and fear through the higher energies of anger and pride to the highest vibrations of acceptance, love and peace.

We can tune into the vibrations of nature in springtime, to take our feelings up the emotional scale, and improve our sense of well-being.

How to access the nurturing energies of spring

1.  Find the springtime energies which inspire you

Which aspects of spring give you a lift? It it’s springtime with you, and you have the opportunity, take a walk round your garden, the gardens in town, wherever you have access. If that’s not possible, explore the images of spring in your mind, or find some images in a book or search in Google Images for ‘spring time’.

Whatever way you choose, be alert to all five senses as you explore what inspires you in spring time.

a) What do you see?

For me it’s the colours: yellows, blues and pinks of spring blossoms, and the blue haze of a glade of bluebells.

b) What do you feel?

After the cold of winter, I feel cosseted by the warmth of the spring sun penetrating right through to my bones. And I’m delighted by the soft feel of fresh leaves.

c) What do you hear?

While it wakes me up for a few days, the sound of birds singing the dawn chorus

d) What do you smell?

The perfumes of blossom feel exotic and alluring to me.

e) What do you taste?

The pungent taste of fresh garlic or dandelion leaves in salad wake me up!

Pick a two of three aspects of spring which most inspire; the chances are they are the ones which will nurture you.

2.  Drink in the springtime energies

Immerse yourself in the healing energies you’ve chosen, and drink them in. Again, you can achieve this in a variety of ways: by going out into nature, through your imagination, or by absorbing images from a book or computer. Or you might choose to draw forth the energies through an activity such as painting. Be creative in finding ways to feel connected to the healing energies, and ‘top up your tank’.

3.  Top up regularly

Spring is a short season, so take advantage of it while it’s here, drinking in as much healing energy as you need. It will be a year until spring is back again!

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