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Migraine suffererIt’s a horrible feeling when you notice the onset of a migraine and know it’s going to develop into the inevitable progression of more and more discomfort, until it eventually reaches a peak and dies away.

Fortunately for me I’ve found a consistent way to stem the migraine in its tracks, which I’d like to share with you!

After a couple of years of being migraine-free, they suddenly re-appeared for no apparent reason. Plodding through the day with headache and nausea is no fun, though I was grateful that my symptoms were nowhere near as debilitating as some people experience.

In the past I’ve sometimes found relief from a migraine using EFT tapping, but it didn’t always work, so I wanted something more reliable.

Since I’ve found Jin Shin Jyitsu (JSJ) finger holds to be very effective at dissolving stuck emotions, I wondered if there would be a hold for migraines. I was delighted to find two holds, and overjoyed they really do work – they consistently stop my embryonic migraine dead in its tracks!

Of course the ideal will be to find the trigger that’s causing the migraines in the first place, meanwhile though, being able to relieve them is fabulous!

JSJ holds for migraines

Try both of the holds to see which works for you. You may need to use both holds, alternating between them.

Migiraine thumb hold1. Hold base of thumb

Place the fingers of one hand over the base of the thumb of the other hand (the fleshy pad on your palm), and hold lightly until you feel relief, or you feel the hold is ‘done’. You can use either hand to cover the base of the thumb.

When you have both hands free, you can easily do this hold wherever you are, so this may be the one to start with.

Migraine ankle hold2. Hold below the ankles

Sit down, and lean forward so you can place the fingers of each hand lightly across the hollow on the outside of each foot below the ankle. The left hand goes below the left ankle, the right hand below the right ankle.

I like to do this sitting on the stairs with my knees pushed up, so it’s easy to reach below my ankles.

Again, hold until you feel relief, or the hold feels ‘done’.

For me this is the most effective hold, so I do it first.

My Tips

I’ve found that a couple of minutes of the ‘below the ankle hold’ relieves the migraine, however you may need to hold longer, particularly if the migraine has already developed.

I’ve made a point of using these JSJ holds at the earliest sign of a migraine; I suspect they work more quickly at that stage.

However long it takes is worth it to stem that migraine from taking the edge off your day!

Migraines are very debilitating, so please share any effective method you use below, so others can benefit …

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  2 Responses to “Migraine Relief”

  1. Thanks May, those migraine holds were so helpful. Are there any JSJ holds for tight chest/asthmatic symptoms that you could include in a future post?

    • Sue, I’m glad the migraine holds were helpful!

      Yes, I’ll address tight chest/asthmatic symptoms in another Jin Shin Jyutsu post …

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