Reconnective Healing


How to prepare for your Reconnective Healing session


“Allow the power that made you to be the power to heal you.”

Eric Pearl

Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for your session.

  1. Be sure that you have an undisturbed space for the hour of your session. And perhaps afterwards too, if you’d like to bask in the healing energy!
  2. Drink plenty of water during the day or so before your healing (but, for obvious reasons, not immediately beforehand!).
  3. We usually start by connecting with phone/or Skype at the pre-arranged time.
  4. [If for some reason this is not possible and we’ve had our preliminary discussion by email, you simply find a quiet place at the pre-arranged time.]
  5. Once we’ve chatted for about 10 minutes, I’ll ask you to find a warm, quiet space for the healing, which lasts about 40 minutes. You may want to sit an easy chair, or even better lie down. You might like a blanket to keep you warm, while you’re still.
  6. It’s best if your space is free from noise, or strong smells such as perfume, air freshener, or deodorant, as they could mask sounds and fragrances you may experience during your healing.
  7. During the healing all you need to do is relax, be open to the healing, and notice whatever you notice!
  8. I’ll call you when the healing is complete, and invite you to share what you noticed (unless we’ve arranged to do this by email).

Reconnective Healing works best if you allow the healing light, energy and information, which have a far greater perspective than yours or mine, to decide what healing is in your best interest.

However we are human, and often want some symptoms to disappear, so if there’s something specific you’d like the healing to address here’s my suggestion. Simply set your intention in your mind at the start of the healing, then forget about it!

“If you’re fortunate, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really fortunate, your healing will come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of – one which the universe specifically has in mind for you”

Eric Pearl

I look forward to facilitating your healing! Meanwhile if you have any questions at all,  please ask.



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