Twelve Colour Meditation

This meditation will help you nurture yourself with the 12 colours that are present in a healthy cell. Between them, the colours support every aspect of your being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

White Violet Indigo
Copper Silver Gold
(Mustard) Yellow (Emerald) Green Blue Green
(Sapphire) Blue Magenta Mother Of Pearl

The colours are only approximate – it’s best to go with, and trust, your idea of the descriptions. Mother of Pearl is irridescent with flecks of pink, green and blue. All the colours are translucent – like stained glass with the sun shining through.

The recording below is my interpretation of the Quantum Touch Twelve Colour Meditation, described by Alain Herriott in his book ‘Supercharging Quantum Touch’.


20 minutes


Here is a PDF 12 Colour Meditation, you can print out. It gives a brief introduction to the meditation, and instructions to do it yourself.


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