Quantum-Touch® – an overview

What is it?

Quantum-Touch (QT)  is a gentle, yet powerful energy healing technique which has dramatic results for a very wide range of physical and emotional disorders, as illustrated on their website.

Quantum-Touch accesses your body intelligence, so we don’t need to go through extensive diagnosis or analysis.

In the active, yang form: I use intention, breathing and visualisation to collect a high level of life force between my hands and offer it to you. Your body intelligence receives and uses the energy for your best good.

In the passive, yin form, known as ‘Core Transformation’: I help you access a deep, quiet place in which tissues can melt, unravel and transform.

What happens in a session?

In a face-to-face session, which lasts about an hour, you usually sit in a chair, or you can lie down if this is more comfortable, and I offer energy by lightly touching the body.

To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

In a distance session, which also lasts about an hour, you relax in a comfortable position of your choice while the healing takes place. You can choose whether or not you want to stay in touch over the phone during the session.

Buy distance Sessions here.

How does May use it in Delicious Healing?

Quantum-Touch often forms the basis of my Delicious Healing sessions, with other modalities blended in. I often use the QT Twelve Colour meditation to nurture all aspects of your being at the start of a session.

I had back pain, hot flushes and felt very run down and tired.

This was my first experience of a telephone healing session, long distance 12000 miles away. Although initially sceptical, I was very impressed with the results.

During the session I felt warmth and my back pain disappeared, my hot flushes went down quite considerably in severity, and I had so much energy I was able to work the next two days with just two hours sleep. And I felt much much better in myself – more balanced and more level.

May also did work on my horse who was suffering from quite bad mud fever, which really affected her, and after two days it had gone down about 50%, and it went on to heal in the next week and a half.

I was so impressed I’ve already started learning Quantum Touch for myself.

LD, Wellington, New Zealand

How do I learn it for myself?

You can easily learn Quantum-Touch from the book, the Interactive Video or a Live Workshop, and use it on a distance basis.

You can give yourself Quantum-Touch healing by placing your hands on the appropriate part of your own body.


Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal, Richard Gordon, 2006, North Atlantic Books. New edition (distinguished by its black cover, rather than the previous blue cover).


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