back pain frontside transparent backgroundBefore and after KCR While You Sleep

Thank you for sending me your information, you’ll receive an automatic email to confirm your form was submitted, and I’ll email you personally once I’ve read it.


It’s always good to be hydrated before a healing session, so please drink some plain water each day this week.

I will email you each day once I’ve set programmed KCR to run for you.

I suggest you go to bed with an open mind, and be curious like a child to see what happens …


To maintain your re-alignment, when you first get out of bed in the morning it’s good to place both feet on the floor, and stand up with your weight on both feet. That way you start the day with a balanced posture!

Once up, I suggest you walk around, and see what you notice about yourself …

It varies how soon people notice the effect of their KCR session.  For some it’s immediate on waking, while for others it takes a day or so, particularly to notice spin-off effects like improved sleep.

I’ve even had some people notice an improvement as soon as they commit to their session – that’s their intention manifesting immediately!!

Daily stretches

The pdf file below gives three daily stretches that will help maintain your realignment. I recommend you do them each day of the coming week, and continue them afterwards too.

KCR Daily Stretches Click to view. Right/Option click to download

A good way to remember to do the stretches is to attach them to existing habits. For example, I do the calf stretch on the way upstairs to bed, the lumbar twist before my shower, and the chin tuck and swallow whenever I remember during the day.

Enjoy your KCR sessions, I’ll keep in touch by email, and I look forward to hearing how they unfold for you!


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