Tap-A-Long from discomfort to ease


A Delicious Tap-A-Long

…to help you move from discomfort to ease

Here’s the present I promised you!

This 12 minute audio will talk you through tapping away a discomfort you’re experiencing, and help you replace it with a pleasant feeling.

You can use it for a physical discomfort such as pain, a negative emotion such as anger or sadness, or a mental challenge like not being able to make a decision.

Think how much better you’ll feel once you’ve tapped your discomfort away!

I’m assuming you’ve already used the shortcut version for EFT. If not, you might like to read my Quick Start for EFT first.

The photo  gives a reminder of the tapping points we’ll be using.


Turn up your speakers, click on the link below and Tap-A-Long!


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