Suggestions for Bars Taster Sessions

First, remember you can’t run the Bars ‘wrongly’, so these are just suggestions! The key is to tap into your own knowing of what will be rewarding for the person.

Here’s how I approach a 20 min Taster:

Run a silent clearing for myself, along the lines:

What energy, space & consciousness can I be that will allow me to run ‘Jane’s’ Bars in the most rewarding way for her, giving her only what she is able & willing to receive, with ease, joy and glory?

Right & wrong, good & bad, all 9, POC & POD, shorts, boys & beyonds.

To save time I often do this as I’m doing the Energy Pull.

Ask if the person has a particular issue they want to address.

They may not, and that’s fine.

Check which Bars it would be rewarding to run for the person

Might be stress, fear, a physical complaint etc

See which Bar(s) matches up – either logically, or through your knowing

  • for stress – could be Kindness, Gratitude and Peace & Calm (these are usually run together)
  • for fear – could be Awareness
  • for physical complaint – could be Healing, and Body & Sexuality

Your knowing may well show up completely different Bar(s), which is fine!

A good way to check is to use this Access tool:

The truth feels light, a lie feels heavy.

Include these elements

  • Opening (3-5 mins, though sometimes needs to be longer to get the energy running)

As a minimum – Power Band energy pull

  • Bars (10-14 mins)

Probably time for 1-2 sets of Bars c5-7 mins each

  • Closing (3-5 mins)

Restructuring of Bodies (so what they have released doesn’t return!).


Check how they feel, and if they are spaced out, offer some water with a drop of Rescue Remedy.

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