Before and after your Bars session

Please read this page to get the most from having your Bars run. If you have any questions that aren’t answered, please Contact me.


For a distance session

If possible we’ll connect by Zoom /Skype / FaceTime  or phone – to chat for a few minutes at the start of your session.

If this isn’t possible we’ll agree the hour for your session by email.

Please arrange to be comfortable and warm for the hour – most people like to lie down. It’s good to honour the time you’ve set aside for yourself by making sure you won’t be distracted.

You don’t need to do anything while I run your Bars – it’s an automatic process. So I suggest you relax, and be curious about what you notice…  and if you go to sleep that’s just fine!

At the end of the session I’ll Skype or phone you, or if that’s not possible, I’ll send you an email.

For Bars While You Sleep

If there’s a particular issue you’d like me to address, please email me in advance.

Please drink water on the days when you’ll be having your Bars run.

I’ll set your Bars to run during your sleep time, while you’re safely in bed.

I suggest you go to bed with a childlike curiosity to see how you’ll be when you wake up in the morning.


Be prepared to be in a different space, with your head decluttered!

Be curious to see how things unfold for you. Some people have an immediate, dramatic response, while for others the change is slow and subtle.

Your brain may need more sugar than usual (for energy), and more salt and water (for cleansing). Please tune into your body, and meet its needs, which may be different to usual – see my Article What Does Your Body Really Want To Eat?

I look forward to running your Bars! Enjoy!

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