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It is very empowering to be able to choose a way forward based on information that comes from your intuition, because your intuition has a much broader perspective than your conscious mind.

Dowsing with a pendulum is a great way to get visible ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses to questions you ask your intuition.

Find a pendulum

A pendulum is simply a weight at the end of a chain or thread. It can be as simple as a teabag on a string or a pendant on a chain. If you do a lot of dowsing you may like to invest in a beautiful crystal pendulum.

Cleanse a crystal pendulum

You’ll want to cleanse a crystal pendulum before its first use it by running cold water over it for a few minutes, while you ask for any existing programming in the crystal to be removed.

Make your intention

You want your pendulum to show you responses from your intuition, or higher self, rather than from your conscious or sub-conscious mind. So start by making an intention, along these lines:

I ask my higher self to respond to the questions I’m about to ask about the pain in my wrist.

Establish ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ directions

Hold the string between your thumb and forefinger.

Say ‘My name is <your real name>’ and notice how your pendulum moves. It may be a circular movement (clockwise or anticlockwise), or a back and forth movement in a particular direction. Trust whatever you get. This is your ‘Yes’ direction.

Say ‘My name is <another name> and notice how your pendulum moves. This is your ‘No’ direction.

It’s a good idea to check this out each time you dowse, as the directions can change.

Stay neutral

It’s easy to influence your pendulum with your conscious mind. If you’re convinced that you need two sessions of physiotherapy a week with Sally Turner, that’s what your pendulum will pick up and tell you. Your conscious mind is over-riding your intuition.

If you’re not feeling neutral, either take some time to quiet your mind, or ask someone to dowse for you.

Ask permission

There are some things your higher self will not tell you, so start by asking if you have permission to ask questions about your topic.

Do I have permission to ask about the cause of my wrist pain?

If the answer is no, see if you have permission to ask about another aspect, eg:

Do I have permission to ask about remedies for my wrist pain?

If you’re dowsing for someone else, always ask their higher self for permission first.

Ask your questions

To dowse you need to formulate questions which will elicit a ‘yes’ or ‘No’ response, like:

Will exercise help my wrist recover?

Will physiotherapy help my wrist recover?

Will two sessions a week be most beneficial for my wrist?

Will transferring the mouse to my other hand help my wrist heal?

Is there some information that I can use to help my wrist in this book/chapter/page?

Avoid ‘open-ended’ questions, like ‘Why did I get this pain?’, or ‘What’s the best way to get rid of this pain?’ Dowsing only gives Yes/No responses, so it’s up to you to do some detective work, and generate suitable questions. If your pendulum gives a movement that isn’t a ‘Yes or ‘No’, chances are you need to review your question, or check you have permission to ask that particular question.

Check for completion

It’s helpful to finish your session with a question like:

Is this session complete?

Are there other questions it would be helpful for me to ask?


With a little practice, you’ll be quickly using your pendulum to check out all sorts of things, eg which foods your body wants to eat, which Bars to run, which healing modality will help you, etc.

The Delicious Nugget: Dowsing is a straightforward way to get visible Yes/No responses from your intuition or higher self.

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