Jun 272014

Woman in field of flowersHay fever is so debilitating when you have an itchy and runny nose, exhausting sneezing, and unbearably itchy eyes that get worse when you rub them.

Like to know how I resolved all of this in a couple of 5 minute sessions? Here’s my story.

As a child I remember feeling sorry for my Dad eating indoors while we ate our meals outside in the summer time. After about a month when his hay fever had subsided he’d come out and join us again.

Then in my early twenties I too started to experience the symptoms. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence that I’d been studying pollen grains under the microscope.  While I’d certainly appreciated their intricate and beautiful sculptures, I’d also noticed that some pollen species had spikes, and others hooks.

Having hay fever was a real downer for someone like me who loves being outdoors, particularly when the sun comes out.

And because I’m generally OK outside, with the symptoms only kicking in when I come indoors, I tend to forget about it until I’ve already rubbed my eyes. After a spell of trying to avoid rubbing combined with frequent sneezing I found myself fatigued.

My first attempt to ease my eyes after rubbing them till they were swollen, when I didn’t yet know I had hay fever, was to lie down with a slice of cool cucumber over each closed eye that gave very welcome temporary relief!

Over the years I’ve tried many other remedies, including an ionizer, tissue salts, homeopathy,  eating locally produced honey, acupressure, and wearing sunglasses; all helping to some extent.

Of course, these remedies were merely alleviating the symptoms, not resolving the cause.

Then, to my surprise, for the two summers when I ate a high raw diet, I had no hay fever! So there was a connection with diet, and I know some people eliminate certain foods for the month before the pollen arrives.

That was great until I ended up eating less raw food, and the symptoms returned. I would certainly recommend a high raw diet as a solution, and hope to return to that, however it doesn’t take immediate effect, so this year I needed another way to resolve my hay fever.

Inspired by one of Tapas Fleming’s experience of talking to her immune system as a key part of her recovery from cancer, and her rich variations of the basic TAT protocol, I decided to use the Conversation and Parts approaches.

As usual I started with the holistic TAT Intention, so the healing would include aspsects I’ve inherited from my Dad, and hopefully work for my son too.

Then, in essence, while holding the TAT Pose, I had a conversation with my immune system, explaining that pollen is safe for me, and asked the part of the system that sees pollen as danger to ‘let pollen through the gate’. Then I integrated back into wholeness any parts of me that saw pollen as an alien to be fought off .

Afterwards, whenever there was the hint of a symptom, I simply reminded myself that pollen is my friend; no need to fight it.

So far so good, no more discomfort, and what a relief to come inside, be comfortable and stay energised!


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