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Women looking through question markWhen you have a health problem, your focus of attention is naturally drawn to the symptoms, and perhaps how they are stopping you from doing things in your life.

What if there were an easy way to move your focus from your symptoms to all the possible ways of resolving them?

If you have recurring migraines, you may spend a lot of time thinking about your splitting headache, the nauseous feeling and your acute sensitivity to light and fumes. You may be frustrated because: you can’t do your work properly, you’re only giving part of your attention to your family, and you can forget about that night out. It feels like a dead end.

This sucks up your energy, closes down your receptivity to solutions, and may create a vicious circle that perpetuates your discomfort.

You may try some of the many natural methods known to alleviate a migraine – from the herb feverfew through massage to cell salts – which may or may not be effective for you

What if there were an easy way to help you move beyond your migraines?

There is a simple way to open yourself up to the all of the possibilities of moving beyond migraines, or any other discomfort you’re experiencing. It comes from Access Consciousness.

1. Ask a question

Ask an empowering question, such as:

How does it get any better than this?

What are the infinite possibilities for eg: me to always have a clear head?

Do you notice the expansive feeling you get when you ask the question? It unlocks your focus on symptoms, and opens you up to the field of all possibilities.

2. Live in the question

Rather than expect an immediate answer, try living with the question. So, each time you become aware of your sore head, or that nauseous feeling, simply ask your question again.

At first you may need to remind yourself to move your focus from the frustrations of your condition to ask the question again. You may want to use the question as a mantra for a while, until it becomes second nature.

Living in the question allows energy to flow; you’ll be surprised what comes up for you. An insight about your migraine trigger, meeting someone who tells you about a new solution, or something else?

Living in the question makes you feel lighter, expectant, curious and hopeful.

How does it get any better that that?!

The Delicious Nugget:
There’s an easy way to move from thinking about your symptoms, to open yourself to all the possible solutions. Simply ask yourself; “How does it get better than this?”, and/or “What are the infinite possibilities for …?”

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