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Woman daydreamingWhen your health is out of balance, it’s all too easy to focus on your discomfort. It nags at you, pulling at your attention. You easily get drawn down the rabbit hole of doom and gloom, and things feel worse. Then your experience gets worse, and it seems impossible to dig yourself out of the hole.

One solution is to completely refocus your attention in the opposite direction; to what you would like to experience instead of your discomfort. 

Of course this is not a question of ignoring your health issue; when necessary, please consult your healthcare professional for help.

And you can help yourself too.

When you focus on your discomfort, your experience of it continues, and with time your discomfort may get worse. You’re effectively feeding your discomfort each time you retell your story to yourself or others.

If, on the other hand, you consider what you would like to experience instead, and do this consistently, your new thoughts start to create a different, and more positive, experience for you.

So, rather than focus on your discomfort, try turning your attention to what you would like to experience instead.

Questions to use

Questions are a very potent way to change your focus. Here are four of my favourites; see which one resonates for you, and give it a go.

What would I love to experience today?

Ask yourself this question when you wake up, and create an imaginary movie about what you would like to experience.

If you’d like to experience a clear head instead of a migraine, create a movie of yourself with your clear head – what you do, how you feel, how you interact with others etc etc. Go to town with full effects, and replay your movie often through the day, improving it as you go.

With time your new creative movie over-rides your old default movie. Your thoughts move to new possibilities, and your experience changes too.

Thank you Mashhur Anam for this question and the movie approach!

What would I like instead?

This question encourages to identify what you would like instead of your discomfort. If you’ve been wrapped up in your story for a while, it may take some thought to identify what you really want instead. Bear in mind it may mean giving up any ‘benefits’ of being unwell, like sympathy and extra support.

For example, for a person suffering from migraines:

I’d like a clear head.

My Quick Start for The One Command leads you through a process to install what you would like instead into your energy system.

What are the infinite possibilities for … insert what you want instead here ...?

Once you have an idea what you’d like instead of your discomfort, you can ask a question like:

What are the infinite possibilities for always having a clear head?

Don’t try and answer this question, rather it’s a question to live with. I find that asking the infinite possibilities question is like taking the blinkers off my current tunnel vision, and new possibilities come into my awareness.

This question comes from Access Consciousness.

Why … insert what you want instead here …?

Create a statement for what you would like instead of your discomfort, and then turn it into a question (or Afformation), by adding Why? at the start. This like a traditional affirmation, but in question form.

Why is my head so clear? 

Repeat this question to yourself throughout the day.

My Quick Start for Afformations explains more about this approach.

Whichever question you use, or your own variation, be sure that every word is a positive one. ‘Why is my head clear?’ is more effective than ‘Why don’t I have any more headaches?’ This is because your subconscious mind picks up on ‘negative’ words, such as ‘headache’.

If your health issue is long-standing, you’ll need to persevere to tip the balance of your focus to what you want instead. When you revert to the old, just notice you’ve done so (no beating yourself up J), and use one of the questions above to reinforce your new focus. A good way to remind yourself is by writing your question on Post-Its and sticking them on your fridge, computer, mirror etc.

If you would like help to reverse your focus to what you want instead, please book a Delicious Healing Session.

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