Oct 272010

I was very much looking forward to a day walking in the Peak District prior to a Reconnective Healing get-together to spread the word about this special type of healing in the UK.

What I didn’t realize was that I would be experiencing the power of this healing for myself.

My hospitable and caring B&B hosts Jayne and Simon at MeadowCottage fortified
me with banana porridge, equipped me with a map, and pointed me in the direction of the 11 mile Lathkill Loop walk.

As I walked down the short track to the start of the walk by the river I felt a minor ‘ping’ in my back. Stopping briefly, I felt only slight discomfort, and continued on, determined not to give up my day’s walk, as it was the only day I had available.

As the hours progressed and I enjoyed the scenery of Lathkill Dale, my back became progressively more stiff, however by then I was past half way, so not much option but to keep walking.

That evening, as usual after an unaccustomed long walk, I had a bath with a few drops of marjoram oil
to ease any over-used muscles, and hoped it would ease my back too. No such luck, the next morning all of me was fine except my back.

At the Reconnective Healing get-together I was delighted to find we were to start with healing swaps
, and shared with Kathy Whileman sitting next to me that I needed some healing. She graciously offered to facilitate my healing first.

What’s unusual about Reconnective Healing is the ‘healer’ doesn’t need to know anything about the client’s issue, so I promptly lay down on the massage table and closed my eyes.

I quickly let me intention for my back to heal go,
knowing that the power that made me has a much better handle on what’s good for me than my mind does, and I wanted to avoid a focus that might hinder anything else the healing power might offer.

Kathy moved her hands in the air away from my body to connect me to the Reconnective Healing frequencies
– a package of light, energy and information –  akin to ‘the power that made me’.

I sensed energy swirling above my head. I noticed cold move from my feet up to my waist. Then I distinctly felt my big toe being moved.

After only 10 minutes Kathy touched my shoulder to tell me the healing was complete. I gingerly sat up, and though disappointed to find my back still stiff, I knew from the sensations I had experienced that some healing had taken place.

Kathy assured me she had not touched me anywhere, including my toe!

The rest of the day was taken up with discussion, followed by a three hour drive for me. It wasn’t until late into the evening that I suddenly realized my back was once again quite comfortable and flexible!

Unusually the Reconnective Healing frequencies get stronger the further the healer is from the client, so it’s an ideal approach for distance healing! That means I can easily do another swap with people, though for Reconnective Healing only 1-3 sessions are recommended for a particular issue.

The Delicious Nugget:
Reconnective Healing is different from other approaches because you don’t need to tell your story or even identify your symptoms; the healer simply connects you to the power that made you so you can download healing frequencies of energy, light and information that have an intelligence way beyond yours or mine.

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  2 Responses to “Let the power that made you be the power to heal you”

  1. But we are always connected to the power that made us… so… Is it better because maybe we forgot and that is why we are experiencing problems? Why do we need another person in this process?

    This is a big question, akin to, “how does prayer work?” 😀 I’m curious to read your response. Peace, Rachel

    • Yes, Rachel, the power that made us is always present, and yes, we forget about it and difficulties arise…

      All healing modalities help us reconnect to our healing power, and I’m a great advocate of self-healing where we make the reconnection ourselves. That said, it can be enormously beneficial to have someone help us make the connection. When someone is fully present with me, they are connected to their power, and if I’m receptive I can resonate with that, and tune into my own.

      Make sense?

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