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Whether you have a sore back, a broken heart or feel depressed, there’s a feeling of tension, heaviness, or contraction, in that area.

It’s a bit like squashing a sponge in your hand – when you take the space out it no longer works. When you let the space back in, the sponge returns to its natural physical shape, which includes space in all the holes.

Quantum physics shows that if you travel deep within sub-atomic particles you eventually come to pure space. It’s been estimated that the physical matter of a body would fit into a golf ball! So one way to approach healing your sore back is to allow the contracted, dense feeling to expand, and allow more space in. Then the solid matter can rearrange itself into its optimum configuration, easing your back pain.

This approach also works well for emotional and mental imbalances, which often precede the onset of physical symptoms.

How to let the space in

You can use this technique on your own, or with a partner. I’ll assume you’re on your own.

Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for at least five minutes.

Take your attention to the area you want to heal. It could be a physical area, such as your lower back, or a feeling such as anger or depression.

If it’s a feeling, notice where you feel it in your body; for example grief is often felt in the throat area. If you’re not sure where this is, focus on your heart area.

Now ask yourself the following two questions, responding to each with a gut-feeling ‘Yes’ or ‘No’:

  1. Could I allow myself to feel the heaviness in this area?
  2. Could I allow myself to feel the space that surrounds and inter-penetrates this area?

You can reword the questions as you like, so long as they represent opposite states, eg contraction/expansion, dullness/lightness, tension/relaxation etc.

Once you remember the questions, you may want to close your eyes so you have a keener awareness of your sensations.

Keep cycling through the questions until you find a comfortable point of balance between heaviness and space.

It may take a couple of rounds of the questions before you start to feel the space, just let that be and keep going. Soon you’ll get a small sensation of space, which will grow as you continue with the questions.

Notice how, as you move from feeling heaviness to feeling space, your symptoms diminish.

This is an adapted form of ‘holistic releasing’, from The Sedona Method.

The Delicious Nugget: feeling the space that surrounds and interpenetrates an area of discomfort helps alleviate the symptoms.

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