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back pain frontside transparent backgroundKinetic Chain Release has eased a surprisingly wide range of conditions from back pain through fibromyalgia to behavioural issues in children. It often has spin-off effects too, like improved sleep!

Now, through ‘distance’ KCR everyone can experience the sweet relief of an aligned body!

KCR is usually delivered as a hands-on protocol, gently mobilising joints and stretching muscles to realign the skeleton. This resolves a multitude of discomforts that result from a previously misaligned skeleton.

 Clients often report that KCR works more quickly, and lasts longer than other therapies they have tried.

I wanted everyone to be able to access the benefits of KCR, so I set out to explore ‘distance’ KCR, with positive results. Who better to tell the story than a recipient:

Debra LittrellMay and I have traded a variety of energetic healing processes over the years, testing how they work with distance healing, since I live in the US and she is in Scotland. So when she offered me the opportunity to try Kinetic Chain Release While You Sleep, I jumped at the chance.

I have to say this is one of the simplest and effective forms we ever worked with. She set it up to run while I slept. When I woke in the morning I followed her instructions to stand on both feet flat on the floor. I was quite surprised. I felt more stable and balanced than I usually do in the mornings. I had been revisiting Pilates and Yoga activities to improve my balance with nominal success. After just one treatment my balance was back to normal. I felt more stable in my core.

I noticed an absence of jaw, neck and shoulder tension. I have had difficulty with TMJ and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The tension had melted away during my sleep. The interesting thing is I usually wake in the morning with more tension than when I go to sleep. So this result was quite impressive. I had more ease in motion and my left knee, I had injured some years ago, was more stable and better aligned.

I did have some fatigue for a couple of days which I recognized as a reintegration response. Since I have done a number of other modalities over the years I knew this was just my body reorganizing and clearing out toxicity. I bounced back quickly with more energy and clarity in my thinking.

There are a few stretches to do to maintain the work. I have found them easy to do and are easily integrated into my daily self-care. I often do more of them during the day if I notice any tension from my activities. Especially working so much on the computer.

I highly recommend the Kinetic Chain Release While You Sleep. May is a dear soul dedicated to using tools that relieve suffering in others. I highly recommend you take advantage of her kindness and caring, and experience this very effective modality yourself.

Debra Littrell, Transformative Spirit, Seattle, USA

These, and other, positive benefits were no surprise to me! My clients have benefitted from distance versions of various healing methods since 2006, so it’s routine for me to witness the results of energy following intention.

However, there’s something special about the potency of KCR and the wide range of conditions it helps, so I’m delighted that people everywhere can easily access this growing morphic field!

If you’d like to benefit from distance KCR, you can find details about ‘KCR While You Sleep’ on my KCR page, and book a package of sessions to run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights of your chosen week on my Sessions page.

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  4 Responses to “KCR Where You Are”

  1. Hi,
    Can this work for a third person. I mean, could I get this for my mother, and would it still be effective, even if she doesnt know about it?

    • Hi Maria, it’s usually best to check that another person would like to receive KCR, apart from anything else that makes them more receptive. And there are times when the person is unable to give permission, in which case they will only receive what is in their highest good. Please contact me direct if you’d like to discuss your mother’s situation.

  2. How do your “While you Sleep” programs work for someone who has a very irregular sleep pattern?

    • Good question, Anne! When I program ‘While You Sleep’ healing to run, I include an intention along the lines:

      …during your Monday sleep time, when you are safely asleep in bed …

      This worked well recently with a client in the Phillipines whose work shifts meant her sleep time was sometimes at night and sometimes during the day.

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