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You’ve got a sore back, so do you go and see my doctor, or try some other healing approach?

Some people think of these approaches as alternatives; either I go to the doctor or I try healing, hence the term ‘alternative therapies’. An ‘either or’ approach.

I prefer to see Delicious Healing as a ‘complementary’ approach, which can be used ‘as well as’, or alongside, conventional medicine.

For example I’ve been offering healing to Sharon who is recovering from a long term mental health disorder, while she continues to receive psychiatric treatment and take several drugs. Her motivation and mood have improved to the point where she feels she’s now leading a ‘normal’ life. She’s about to work with another therapist to explore ways to reduce the side effects of the drugs.

Elspeth was taking an antibiotic to help with a leg inflammation, and asked for healing to reinforce and speed up her recovery.

Duncan asked for healing to alleviate the effects of dental surgery, and the pain reduced significantly after one session.

While it’s not possible to prove which approach was the key to helping these individuals feel better, they all felt the healing had made a significant contribution.

Some cancer units now offer a range of complementary therapies, particularly aromatherapy, alongside conventional medicine to help their patients.

Keys to using healing alongside conventional medicine

1.  Let your doctor know about the healing

Your doctor needs the full picture of your situation, including other sources of help, and any self-help remedies you may be using.

It’s also good to make doctors aware of various sources of healing that people are using these days.

Of course you should also consult your doctor if you’re thinking of changing a drug regime.

2.  Be open to receiving help from all sources

When you’re receiving help from more than one source, be open to each of them helping you to heal and feel better.

3.  Trust your body’s intelligence to blend the approaches

Your body’s intelligence knows how to put in place a complex series of actions to heal your cut finger. It also knows how to take the best of the resources on offer, and blend them together for best effect. Trust it to do it’s job!

The Delicious Nugget: Complementary therapies, including healing, work effectively alongside conventional medicine.

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