Sep 122013

Clare's fractalBombarded as we are by information, marketing and other people’s points of view, it can be difficult to find a way forward with your health and healing, not to mention the rest of your life!

However, underneath all the confusion lies your innate wisdom, ever-present and available to you at any time.

Imagine the relief when you simply ‘know’ you’ve found your way forward, or received an insight that resolves a situation.

Most people acknowledge there’s some driving energy behind life, that passes under various names like Source, God and Love, or descriptions like ‘the power that makes the flowers grow’.

When you (re)connect to that energy behind life you’re accessing pure, original consciousness – the consciousness that’s uncontaminated by your conditioning and beliefs. You might call that consciousness your wisdom, you intuition, your inner voice, your higher self or something else.

Your wisdom is innate, you’re born with it and it’s with you throughout your life. For many of us it fades very much into the background as we absorb the reality of this life.

Of course there are many ways to bring your wisdom into the foreground, but, in my experience, none so simple and easy to ‘use’ as Spheres Of Light.

You simply ask or intend to connect with your Spheres, and see what happens …

If you’d like me to talk you through engaging with your Spheres Of Light, please go to my 10 min audio Quick Start for Spheres Of Light.

For, me when I connect, I instantly hear “We’re here”. That’s because my main inner sense is hearing/knowing. Some people feel or see things, while others don’t notice anything at the time. We’re all different, and whatever happens, or doesn’t happen, for you is perfect!

I may then ask the Spheres what they have to tell me, and there’s always an insightful response.

Or if there’s an issue I want to resolve I ask a question, that usually leads to a ‘conversation’ where I hear what my wisdom has to say.

Your experience will be different, are you curious to find out what happens when you engage with your innate wisdom?

The more you engage with your Spheres Of Light, the easier it gets, and your consciousness level gradually rises. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually be permanently connected to my Spheres Of Light! For now I can quickly make the connection whenever the need arises.

As always, my suggestions are no substitute for medical advice where needed. In fact, sometimes my wisdom points me in that direction!

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