Dec 262014

InfiniteSilenceToday I’d like to pass forward to you the gift of Infinite Silence.

Infinite Silence is a gateway to that still place of consciousness / No-thing / All That Is.

I’m finding the phrase ‘Infinite Silence’ alone resonates strongly with people, and hope it will for you too.

Infinite Silence was gifted to my friend and colleague Philip Wade in May 2014, and he shares it freely through his website GatewayLocation. Infinite Silence is a ‘sister’ gateway to Spheres Of Light; both take you to the same place of All That Is, through different doorways.

In this place of No-Thing – from which everything emerges – there’s a feeling of coming home, where unencumbered with thoughts and feelings, you have access to your authentic self and hence to insights and healing.

The three coloured squiggles in the dark triangle represent light, energy and information emerging out of No-Thing into our physical experience. They transform into our experience of reality.

I find that Infinite Silence instantly takes me to a deeply peaceful state of complete silence, with a dark velvety feel.

A little different to my experience of Spheres Of Light, which, for me has more of a sparkly, alive feel, and is quite chatty.

However, your experience of these gateways will be unique to you.

Experiencing Infinite Silence

Simply drop your awareness to your heart, and make the intention to experience Infinite Silence. Then be present to whatever unfolds for you …

I like to blend Infinite Silence with Intentional Resting, by getting comfortable and then saying in my head:

I’m Resting into Infinite Silence now.

I expect you’ll find your own way … do please share here.

Wishing you the bliss of Infinite Silence!

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  2 Responses to “Infinite Silence”

  1. Thank you so much… wonderful words, wonderful website, wonderful approach. 🙂
    Fran B., Vienna, Austria

    • So happy to pass it on, Fran!

      Philip guided me into n an Infinite Silence session the other week, and his cue of ‘dissolving‘ into Infinite Silence took me really deep. You may like to give it a try …

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