Apr 042013

Smiling woman portrait.Seven year old Emma was playing with a bamboo stick she’d found as we walked back from the beach.

She used it as a walking stick, to point out frog spawn in a ditch, and to check the height of the bridge above the river.

Suddenly, to my surprise, she tossed the stick into the bushes, exclaiming “I don’t need it any more”, as she skipped on homewards past the old graveyard.

My initial thought was that the stick might be useful in the garden – perhaps I would retrieve it. Then reflecting on Emma’s action, I realised she’d had fun playing with the stick, and when the games came to a natural end, she’d let it go without a second thought as she skipped her way forward into the adventure of the next moment.

If Emma had held onto all the sticks, pebbles, shells, cones and more she’d picked up to play with in the two days she spent with us, she’d have been weighed down with ‘stuff’, and her natural sparkle might have become less bright.

As an adult, I’ve certainly collected lots of physical stuff, and my experience is that letting go of things I no longer need gives me a lighter, brighter feeling. I continue to sort through the accumulation of my possessions, little by little discarding what I no longer need.

Just as importantly, I try not to add to the accumulation, and this is where Emma’s lesson comes in – to let go of things when I no longer need them.

What about the less visible stuff we’ve collected – beliefs and stories that no longer serve us, thought patterns we repeat, emotions we hold onto? It all weighs us down. I hope Emma lets go of the invisible stuff as easily as she let go of that stick.

As an adult, I’ve accumulated my share of invisible stuff too! Like the physical stuff, I’m gradually letting it go. And I’m trying to avoid adding to the accumulation.

Letting go of invisible stuff you no longer need

Here are 7 approaches to let go of invisible stuff, that you can use to reduce the stockpile you’ve accumulated, or to let go of something in the moment you no longer neeod.

Try one of these approaches yourself, or relax and let me guide you with Delicious Healing sessions.

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