May 012013

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How many times have you resolved to adopt a healing habit, only to give up after quite a short time?

That’s if you even got started! I’ve certainly done both, and now I’d like to share what I’ve found works in preparing for a habit that does stick.

Think of something you’d like to do regularly for your health or healing – maybe something new, or perhaps something you’ve tried before and allowed to lapse. It might be to meditate, to Intentionally Rest (or your preferred healing method) each day, to exercise regularly, or something else.

While your enthusiasm may prompt you to dive right in, it’s worth pausing to do a little preparation to increase the chances of sticking with your habit once you get started. Here are two things to do.

1. Check it’s for you!

It’s easy to get caught into the hype of a new fad, or someone’s enthusiasm for what they are doing. But, is it really right for you? Your body – mind – spirit energy system is unique, so what works for the author, the speaker or your friend may not work for you.

Rather than go down the rabbit hole of all the pros and cons of your proposed habit, you can easily check out the energy: A habit that’s true for you makes you feel light and expansive, while one that isn’t right for you makes you feel heavy and constricted. More on that in my Article How To Check What’s Right For You.

If you find your proposed habit doesn’t feel true for you, look at some alternatives until you find one that makes you feel light and expansive. That way it will be so much easier to adopt and keep going!

2. Clear the resistance

While your conscious mind wants to adopt this new habit, it’s fairly likely that parts of you, or your sub-conscious beliefs are already resisting your new habit.

Part of me prefers to be a couch potato.

This won’t work for me, I’ve tried giving up coffee before.

I don’t have the time to meditate.

Other things get in the way of my daily walk.

A sub-conscious fear of change. (You’re not even aware of sub-conscious beliefs).

Clearing the resistance is particularly important when you’ve tried and given up on the habit before.

Use your favourite method to dissolve any resistance. I recommend methods that work in a holistic way, so you don’t need to identify the cause of the resistance – a tricky business if it’s in your unconscious mind!

So TAT, Intentional Resting, The One Command, the Sedona Method and Spheres Of Light are all effective, holistic methods.

If you feel stuck at this stage,  Delicious Healing Sessions will guide you through clearing your resistance. This includes a way to install new beliefs like:

All parts of me are ready and willing to exercise now.

The next Article in this series will help you ease into your new habit – including a tip that makes it super easy to get started!

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