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Food is energy with a particular vibration. As you’ll see, there are simple ways to raise the vibration of a particular plate of food. As you raise its vibration you raise its nurturing qualities too.

Then, to get the most from the food, you need to ensure that you’re as receptive as possible to the benefits of its high vibration. Just like a radio you need to be tuned into the right station.

Three ways to benefit more

1.  Prepare your food with love

Some of the most delicious food I’ve eaten was at a Brahma Kumaris retreat last autumn. The menus were ordinary vegetarian fare, but, as everyone agreed, the taste was extraordinary!  When I asked the chef how he made the food taste so good he replied ‘We make it with love’.

Through his dramatic photographs, Masaru Emoto has shown how the vibrations of thoughts, feelings, music and images can all alter the structure of water crystals, as shown on his website. Since food is mainly water, it makes sense that your vibration of love will also transfer into food, increasing its vibration and quality.

So, add a large dollop of love to your recipes!

2.  Be in a positive emotional state when you eat

If you eat a meal when you feel angry you’ll feed your anger. The same goes for any other negative emotional state, be it fear, resentment, sadness, jealousy, etc.

Conversely, if you eat when you are in a positive state, such as excitement, expectancy, hope or joy, the food will enhance your positive mood.

So, aim to be in a receptive, positive emotional state when you eat.

If you’re experiencing negative emotions, delay eating until you’ve upped your vibration to a more positive mood. One way to do this quickly is to use the ‘tapping technique’ of EFT, detailed in my Quick Start Guide for EFT.

3.  Bless your food

Blessing means invoking divine energy towards a person or object, which in turn raises their vibration. The grace said before a meal often includes a blessing, for example in: “Bless this food to our use, and our lives to thy service.”

While I’ve seen some complex food blessing rituals, in essence all you need to do is to say  ‘Bless you’ as you focus your attention on the food. You can bless your food quietly to yourself, there’s no need to say your blessing out loud unless you want to. Of course it’s most effective if the blessing comes truly from your heart.

So, bless you food before you eat.

If one of these ideas resonates, give it a go!

And do let me know what works for you.

The Delicious Nugget: You can gain more nurturing from the food you eat by: injecting love into your recipes, being in a positive emotional state when you eat, and blessing your food.

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