Apr 282011


Would you like to know a very easy way to lighten your health, or any other, issue?

At no cost, it takes less than a minute. The photo really gives it away, but if you’d like to know more read on.

Yes, that’s it – smile!

Have a go – think of something that’s bothering you right now – a feeling, a situation, or perhaps a sore part of your body. Now send it a smile. A big smile!

Does the issue feel a little easier now?

As you smile you let go of some of the resistance you have to your issue, so the tightness that’s been holding the issue in place starts to ease.

Perhaps you’d like to try sending another smile to that issue …

And another … and notice how it eases.

To deepen the healing effect of your smile

Here are some of the ways I use a smile alongside my healing tools.

  1. Hold the TAT Pose for up to a minute as you put your attention on what’s bothering you. Holding the pose sends healing energy through your brain, and helps you get unstuck from whatever is bothering you.
  2. Smile as you ask the Access Consciousness question: ‘How does it get any better than this?’. No need to answer the question, just asking it takes the blinkers off and opens you up to receiving new possibilities for getting better.
  3. Smile as you make your One Command – ‘I don’t know how this feels so much better, I only know it does now, and I am grateful’
  4. Next time you’re by a mirror – for no particular reason – give yourself a smile! Your body will respond to the positive energy of the smile, in a different way to the usual judgement of wrinkles or other ‘defect’.
  5. Allow your smile to develop into a chuckle, then a laugh, and you’ll access the healing effect of laughter!

The list could go on, whatever self-help method you use, try deepening it with a smile.

The Delicious Nugget: Sending a smile to whatever is bothering you, or adding a smile to your favourite self-help method relaxes your resistance, and brings you ease.

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