Jan 152010

Expanding circles

The misery of pain! Whether it’s the emotional pain of anger, or the physical pain of a sore shoulder, it tenses you up and saps your energy. The more you focus on it, the worse it gets.

One way of looking at pain is to see it as a concentration, or intensity, of feeling, that has somehow got locked up inside you. Just as you use water to dilute concentrated orange juice, you can use space to dilute pain.

The key to diluting your pain is knowing that you are in Infinite Being, temporarily experiencing the extreme constriction of existing within a human body. You’re pretty squashed up inside your body!

If you allow ‘yourself’, which you may think of as your ‘energy’ or Being’ or ‘consciousness’, to expand out of your body, you release the tension and the pain will diminish, perhaps disappearing altogether.

Expand your Being

At first you’ll find this technique works best with you eyes shut, so please read it over first!

Close your eyes.

Expand yourself – your energy – your Being – to fill:

  • your room…
  • your building …
  • your town …
  • your country …
  • your world …
  • your universe …
  • and beyond …

Now, how do you feel?

With practice you’ll be able to quickly expand yourself out quickly, and do so with your eyes open. The more time you spend in this expanded state the less pain you will experience!

The Delicious Nugget: Expand yourself out beyond your body to dilute your pain.

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  4 Responses to “How To Expand Your Way Out Of Pain”

  1. Good point to practice so it’s easy to use when you’re in need, Matthew!

  2. I practice this a lot so that it becomes easier to do when I’m actually upset. I find it very effective in relieving me of pain.

  3. Yes, Philippe, please quote me!

    And I like your Newbodying mission:

    “Change the body through Extension and Distancing,

    using a new approach to Energy and Matter,

    with the support of Psychology and Aesthetics,

    to reach your Higher Self and access Higher Worlds.”

  4. I love your ideas about expanding your being. It is just in sync with my own philosophy, Newbodying.

    Congratulations on the wonderful way you formulated this idea! May I quote you and give credits and link to your site? May I also ‘quote’ your wonderful drawing of “Expanding Circles”, with full credits and link?

    Thanks and bravo! Philippe

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