Jun 272007

You’ve been bombarded with doom and gloom about pollution, global warming and the likelihood that our earth may become totally inhospitable for your great grandchildren.

You’re doing what you can to minimise your carbon footprint by recycling, avoiding elaborate packaging, using public transport, and flying less, but still the prognosis doesn’t look good. Perhaps you’re wondering whether your efforts are having any effect at all.

Our earth is a living being; an organism with innate intelligence, a soul and a lifecycle, but she has become so overloaded she is choking to death. Just as we can offer healing to each other, and to ourselves, so too we can offer healing to our earth.

Sound crazy? Maybe, but there’s certainly nothing to lose, and there’s everything, literally everything, to gain.

Suggestions to help heal our earth

Here are some ways you can offer help. Check which one resonates for you, or what else pops into your head.

1.  Offer healing

Energy healers, such as Reiki practitioners will be familiar with distance healing, and offering healing to our planet.

A simple way to offer healing is to rub your hands together, separate them and then notice how they feel. You may sense a tingly feeling, but don’t worry if you don’t, the energy is there anyway. You can then offer this energy, also known as chi or prana or life force, to the earth.  Here’s what to do:

  • generate healing energy by rubbing your hands together
  • separate your hands, then move them in and out a little to sense the energy
  • imagine a small earth poised between your hands
  • offer the energy from your hands to the earth
  • continue until the process feels complete, even a few minutes helps

With a little imagination and trust, you can adapt any form of healing to our earth. If for example you are a reflexologist, you could hold a ball or an imaginary earth in your hands, let her rotate and massage the points you feel drawn to. If you’re a yoga teacher you could create in your mind some yoga asanas for the earth, and visualise her carrying them out.

Play around to find a way you can offer healing to our earth.

2.  Pray

Just as you use prayer for yourself or others, you can use it for the earth too. Pray for the recovery and health of our earth.

3.  Visualise and feel

Feelings of fear about our earth attract more of the same. So seeing her as healthy, and feeling the relief this brings will attract her recovery to manifest in reality.

4.  Offer love

You could simple think about our earth, open your heart and offer her love.

As I write more ideas are popping into my head, so take a moment to see what pops up for you…, and try it out.

5. Work with others

My experience of Reiki and Quantum Touch is that healing energy greatly amplifies when it’s being offered by a group of people. It often becomes tangible.  Are you part of a group which would like to offer energy to help our earth heal?

The Delicious Nugget: Our earth is in crisis, however we all have the potential to help her heal, and assure a home for our great grandchildren.

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