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Relaxed womanWhen you take time to meditate or do some healing for yourself, you’ll have a more profound experience if you are truly present with yourself.

Sounds easy enough, and like many simple concepts, being present can be tricky to achieve.
When you take time to meditate, connect or do some healing for yourself, how often do you find yourself:

  • Distracted by ‘outside’ things: like the phone, email pinging in, your loved ones?
  • Distracted by your own thoughts?
  • Thinking about the past?
  • Thinking about the future?
  • Expecting a specific outcome from your ‘me time’?
  • Trying to figure out: how it happened, or what the solution is?
  • Wanting the current moment to be different?
  • Wanting someone’s approval?
  • Judging yourself or others?

If you’ve nodded your head to any of these, the following ideas may help you get more present with yourself..

The practical aspects are relatively easy to deal with. Time you set aside for yourself is as important as the appointments you have with others; so go through the same motions of finding a quiet space, turning on the answer machine, and letting your family or friends know you don’t want to be interrupted for, say, twenty minutes. A few years ago my daughter made a sign for me to put outside my home office door, which works well.

What goes on in your head is another matter!
Simply being aware of the barriers to being present is the important first step. So, when you notice your mind meandering down memory lane, you can gently lead it back to the present moment. But it’s difficult to remember and deal with all those distractions!

How about using a healing method to address the problem? Here are some possibilities, that you could use on your own, with a partner or in a group.

5 healing methods to help you get more present with yourself.


When you become aware of a barrier, tap on it until it is neutralised


Put all the barriers to being present that affect you into a ‘bundle’, add any ‘unconscious ones you’re not aware of’ and dissolve them using the 9 Steps of TAT.

The Sedona Method

When a barrier comes to mind, welcome the feeling associated with it, and ask yourself ‘Could I let it go?’ Repeat until that feeling is gone, and then address the next feeling that comes up. Keep going until you feel peaceful when you consider the barrier.

The One Command

Make a command along the lines: ‘I don’t know how I’m fully present myself when I meditate, I only know I am now, and I am grateful’.

Access Consciousness

Access focuses on living in the question, so you could ask yourself: What are the infinite possibilities of me being fully present? Notice how expansive this makes you feel, and see what unfolds.

The Delicious Nugget: Meditation and self-healing are more effective when you are fully present with yourself, and you can use self-healing methods to help you enhance your presence.

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