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ph-scaleAn acid body predisposes you to various forms of dis-ease, whereas an alkaline body is a sure foundation for health and healing. This article explains how to check the acidity of your body.

My article ‘The One Scale You Want To Move Up’ explains why an alkaline body, made up of oxygen-rich cells with an overall positive change, is essential to good health.

To measure the alkalinity of your body accurately you need some pH Stix, or a similar product. They are easy to use, and available from these links: Amazon.com (USA), or Amazon.co.uk (UK).

About pH

You may remember using litmus paper in school chemistry to measure pH – dip it into the liquid and it changed to red for acid, or blue for alkaline.

  • pH values below 7 are ‘acid’
  • A pH of 7 is ‘neutral’
  • pH values above 7 are ‘alkaline’.

The optimal value for your pH is between 6.75 and 7.25

pH Stix are designed specifically to measure the pH of urine or saliva, with colour changes to show small changes in pH.

Measuring your pH

pH Stix give a detailed explanation of how to test the pH of your urine and saliva several times between rising and an hour after lunch, and work out a composite score.

I prefer to use a simpler method of measuring the pH of my urine just once a day, when it is strongest on rising, ie the first urine of the day. This way I feel I easily get a general indicator of the cumulative effect of what I ate and drank the previous day.

It’s a good idea to keep your pH Stix close to the toilet for quick access!

Don’t be discouraged if you find the pH of your early morning urine is quite acid. Unless you’re consciously eating and managing your emotions for an alkaline body, your early morning urine is more than likely to be acid as toxins have been extracted into urine during the night. However your pH will probably become less acid as the day progresses, and you flush out your kidneys. To prove this to yourself, you may also want to measure your pH an hour after breakfast and lunch for the first few days.

If you get a urinary reading above 8, this is likely to be false. It probably means your urine is so acid that your kidneys have produced ammonia to neutralise the acid.

It’s encouraging to know that when you take action to change your pH, you’ll quickly see the results. You can test this out by measuring the pH of your saliva an hour after eating an acid-forming meal such as pizza, or meat, compared with an alkaline-forming meal such as salad and fruit.

There’s a simpler, though not very accurate, way to watch for changes in your pH. As is becomes more alkaline, your early morning urine will become paler in colour, and have a milder odour. These days, as I eat predominantly raw food, my early morning urine is almost colourless and has no odour – much more pleasant!

If you have concerns about your pH level, please consult your doctor.

My next article will give you practical tips to move your body towards the alkaline end of the pH scale.

The Delicious Nugget: Measuring the pH of your urine each morning gives you a good indicator of the acidity of your body, and provides a baseline against which to measure your progress towards a more alkaline body.

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