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Have you noticed how healing methods are getting simpler and quicker? As the vibration of humanity rises, we’re able to access higher and higher dimensions of healing – increasingly by intent alone.

You’ve probably heard people say the most important part of healing is your intent. Experiments in the quantum field have shown without doubt that the consciousness of the observer influences the outcome.

What if you could achieve healing (or anything else), purely through your intent?

A few days ago I set off to drive 400 miles from Scotland to Cambridge. It was snowing, and the main road south closed, so long queues meant the first 40 miles took me three hours.  Being late afternoon and already dark I considered turning back, then I remembered that asking thymus energy to run would keep my energy up and my body comfortable, so I simply asked thymus energy to run. Six hours later, including just one 5 minute comfort stop, I arrived in Cambridge still bright and alert, feeling only marginally stiff when I got out of the car!

My intent when I asked for the thymus energy to run was to allow it to run in the best way to keep me comfortable and alert. I was confident that would be the case, as I’ve experienced the benefits of thymus energy before. Having asked it to run, I forgot about it and time passed quickly as the roads cleared and I listened to a long, engaging workshop on my iPod.

In this case my intent was that a ‘preventative’ healing method I’d used before would work simply through my intention, and it did!

After doing some chores in Cambridge I felt a sharp pain near the tip of my thumb, where I found a tiny cut, that kept opening up whenever I pressed my thumb (amazing how much we use our thumbs!). Fed up with this annoyance persisting for a couple of days, before going to sleep I asked for the highest healing available to me to help heal the cut. By morning there was no pain when I pressed my thumb, and the base layer of skin had healed over the cut. A minor example, however I often find it’s good to start out small!

In this case, I didn’t draw on any healing method, I simply asked for the highest available energy I could access to help my thumb to heal, and it did!  I let go of all the training wheels I’d learned through a range of healing modalities.

If healikng by intent resonates, have a go, and please share how it goes for you.

The Delicious Nugget: You can access healing purely through your intent – to ‘shortcut’ a method you already know, or without reference to any method at all.

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  6 Responses to “Healing By Intent”

  1. Excellent article May. I love the idea of not having to choose a healing tool but simply asking for the “highest available energy” we can access to do the healing for us.

  2. Thank you. I love theis – asking for the highest healing energy available!

    I have been using a number of modalities and sometimes feel that I am not getting there.

    My main issue is depression and fatigue which I have experienced off and on for most of my 70 years so will definitely try this tonight.

    I choose to move in the direction of freedom, well-being, love , peace and joy.

    • … and I love the way you’ve phrased your intention ‘I choose…’ – so empowering! I’m ‘seeing’ you joyful and enenrgised.

  3. I love this reminder….I’ve found that myself….when I remember to ask! Sometimes I’m so stuck in old ways of thinking I just naturally expect things to take a long time. I like that you just
    ask for the highest available energy…that’s exactly what I did with a cat scratch…it was deep and bleeding profusely. I’ve thought recently my skin took a long time to heal….I asked for the fastest and quickest healing available, and like you, woke to find the primary healing and knitting of the skin had already occured.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    I’m just realizing as I type this, that I need to do that with my general health and well being…….and see what happens.

    • Wonderful, Deidre! I love that we found the same approach and results, and having two cats, I know what their scratches are like!

      Hope all goes well with your general health and well-being too!

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