Jul 112014

Digital composite of blonde businesswoman touching app icon interfaceWhat if you could tune into ‘Apps’ to help you heal and stay healthy?

What Apps are you already running that are helpful?

What Apps are you running that hinder your health?

Read on to explore Healng Apps …

My KCR App experience 

It was four years since I’d trained in the KCR (Kinetic Chain Release) Protocol, and as a Practitioner I’d used KCR a little, but felt rather isolated in my practice. I was frustrated that there was no one nearby to swap with to keep my own body aligned.

Then, a few months ago I suddenly discovered there were several Practitioners here in Central Scotland all part of the KCR ‘family’, supporting each other and celebrating fabulous successes with clients. It turns out Central Scotland is the centre of the growing KCR universe with 70% of the world’s Accredited KCR Practitioners!

I was welcomed into this supportive KCR community, and my expectations and clients’ experiences of KCR skyrocketed!

I found myself wanting to tune into the dynamic energy of this community, and help people resolve pain and discomfort with speed and ease. It felt rather like downloading and tuning into a ‘KCR App’! Thereafter my KCR activities blossomed with ease.

On reflection I realised that for the previous four years I’d been tuned into a much less productive App – one of isolation and frustration that had somehow grown on me.

What Healing App would help you? 

You’re already tuned into a host of Apps, many of them as an infant, when your brain was like a sponge absorbing all around you. Some helpful ones, like confidence and resilience; others less so, such as a fear of spiders or a belief that it’s all your fault.

These Apps are often held by large groups of people so they are very powerful, like the cultural norms of enterprise and adventure, versus those of conservatism and caution.

If you’re aware of unhelpful Apps, simply mentally intend to disconnect from them, just like deleting a file from your computer, or disconnecting a usb cable.

Otherwise intend that as you tune into a new App any old contradictory Apps are deleted. In my case the former sense of isolation and frustration simply disappeared.

Here are some ideas for Healing Apps to tune into:

  • Qi Gong / Yogi Masters  who have vibrant health
  • People who have resolved < your condition >
  • Masters of < your favourite healing modality >
  • People who love to exercise
  • People who eat what their body needs
  • etc

Simply allow your mind to quiet, and intend to connect with the energy of your desired Healing App. Then be curious to see how your experience unfolds …

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  4 Responses to “Healing ‘Apps’”

  1. I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful help you give me by just looking at your web site and trying the ideas contained within. I have begun to realise how much I resist in my life and practicing acceptance of circumstances is now starting to make a difference. Once again thank you.

    • You are very welcome, Pearl! I’m glad your finding accepting circumstances makes a difference, and the more you do so, the better it gets!

  2. It’s like the apps running in the background on iPhones you need to stop so they don’t eat the battery life–you double click the button and then swipe away the ones you don’t want to be running! That’s like disconnecting–and then you can go to the app store–and these energy apps are free!

    🙂 I like it . And it’s similar to Mashhur Anam’s idea of disconnecting and connecting to morphic fields but every time I talk about morphic fields I get wtf looks from some people. LOL

    • Yes, Sue I like the idea of swiping away Apps! And I too often connect to the morphic fields of those who have a particular quality. Maybe just call them ‘energy’ fields?!

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