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If you have an ongoing health problem, a small effort each day for 30 days will yield dividends!

In the world of energy healing it’s recognised that many health issues are the manifestation of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that were once appropriate, but no longer serve us. Most of this redundant conditioning resides in our unconscious minds, so we’re largely unaware what’s sabotaging our health.

There’s a multitude of energy healing methods you can use to dissolve the old beliefs
, and replace them with more appropriate’ upgrades’, including my favourites: EFT, TAT, The One Command and The Sedona Method.

While some people achieve miraculous cures in a session or two, it often takes longer
to dissolve all the old thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

A very effective approach, that I learned through TAT, is to do a short healing session, perhaps 10 minutes, each day for 30 days. It’s rather like gradually chipping away a block of stone, slowly but surely gets there in the end.

Here’s how it goes for four healing methods. You could adapt the following tips forother methods too.


On the first day:

  1. for Step 1 use: ‘The biggest thing that led to my health issue happened’
  2. for Step 2 use:  ‘This happened, it’s over now, and I’m OK’
  3. and proceed with steps 3-10 as usual.

On day 2 you can use exactly the same wording, because the biggest thing from day has been healed, so the second biggest thing, is now the biggest thing. Rather like a tray dispenser, as you take one, the next one pops up.

Repeat the TAT process each day, for 30 days, or less if your health issue resolves more quickly.


On the first day consider your health issue, and see what feeling or concern comes to mind, and check how strong it is on the scale of 0-10. Tap on this feeling or concern, until you get it down to 3 or less.
Repeat this process each day, always addressing the main discomfort you feel about your health issue at the time. You may find yourself addressing different aspects of the discomfort on several days

The One Command

On the first day, consider your health issue, and ask yourself ‘What do I want instead of this?’ Use your answer to word your Command in a positive way as if it has already happened, and then use the 6 step process to make your Command.

Once you have made your Command it’s done, you don’t make it again. However, you’ll probably notice more feelings, perhaps doubts coming up, so you ‘meet yourself in the moment’ by making another Command on whatever your current feeling is about the issue.

The Sedona Method

On the first day, bring your health issue to mind, and notice what feeling first surfaces. Use the three Sedona questions to release it:

  1. Could I let it go?
  2. Would I let it go?
  3. When?

Then notice the next feeling that arises, and repeat the questions. Do this for 5-10 minutes, or until you feel lighter

Repeat this process each day, always starting with the feeling that’s uppermost in your mind about your health issue.

This approach requires some discipline; if it starts to flag, spend your session dissolving your resistance. As your health starts to unravel, your motivation will increase!

The Delicious Nugget
: You can resolve your health issue by doing a short healing session each day for 30 days.

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