Here is your Mini-healing session…

Thank you for requesting my free Mini-healing session Ease Your Pain, which you can access below. Enjoy!

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This mini-healing session will help you soften any pain you are experiencing – whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

And if you’re not in pain, you may like enjoy the feelings of safety, calm and relaxation that users tell me the recording brings them.

I suggest you:

  • listen to the audio first
  • then, if you want to remind yourself of the techniques used, review the written summary of key points.

But of course, if you prefer, you can do it the other way round!

Ease Your Pain: The audio (18 mins)

Before you listen:

  • Ensure you won’t be interrupted by people, your phone or emails pinging into your inbox for the next 18 minutes.
  • Find yourself a comfortable position where you can relax. This could be sitting in a comfortable chair. Or you may choose to lie down with a cushion under your head and perhaps another under your knees. If it’s cold you may want to snuggle up under a warm blanket.

To download right/option click and Save.

Ease Your Pain: Summary of key points

Click here to view the Ease Your Pain PDF in your browser.

When you’ve finished

I’d love to hear how the session went for you. Please take 3 minutes to fill in my short online survey. Thank you!

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