Sep 192014

Moon and water.It’s difficult to find stillness in our busy, media-filled lives.

So easy to be diverted from one task to another, or escape into the worlds of the internet, or recycled thinking. For our minds to be occupied 24/7.

But stillness brings ease and wellbeing not found in all that activity.

I’ve noticed it’s the silent gaps between notes of piano music that touch me most.

I’ve noticed it’s in the pause between spoken words that I receive their deeper meaning.

I’ve noticed it’s in the stillness of be-ing that wisdom speaks.

Allow yourself to rest. Your soul speaks to you in the quiet moments in between your thoughts. Eckhart Tolle.

 More ease

For me, being still in my mind has brought more ease and more well-being into different areas of my life.

In stillness I heard that my body needed more iodine to boost low energy. That proved effective, and more speedy than the tonic I’ve usually taken.

In stillness I realised how I needed to adjust some code to make an improvement to my website work. Definitely less stressful than previous frustrated struggles for hours on end!

In stillness a birthday present for my brother unexpectedly jumped out at me. Stillness detached me from my thinking – and hence my usual worry and experience – that it would be difficult to find a present.

More energy, less struggle and less worry all have to be good for my health and well-being!

Finding stillness

So, how to find that stillness of mind?

Well, there’s the paradox, you don’t need to ‘do’ anything to find stillness. It’s more a question of not doing, of letting go of all that’s going on and simply ‘be-ing’. Of resting into your true nature. Of arriving in the present moment. Of pressing the ‘pause’ button for a few seconds or minutes.

For me when stillness speaks, there’s no effort; more an instant ‘knowing’ that feels absolutely true, and is easy to act on.

Others find stillness speaks in different ways; maybe they hear words, see images or experience sensations that deliver the message.

… directly

To experience stillness of mind ‘directly’, simply invite yourself to:

Be still

Or use another phrase that is a prompt to stillness for you, such as: Rest into your being-ness, The peace that passeth all understanding.

… with a ritual

I doubt that I’d find it easy to be still if I hadn’t practised a range of techniques over the years, so here are some simple ones that may help you. See which one takes you to stillness, or come up with your own.

For a minute or two, do one of the following::

  • Take your attention to your breath – in and out, in and out …
  • Hold the TAT Pose, demonstrated in the video on this page for 1-2 minutes
  • Say to yourself once: “I’m resting into stillness now” and see what unfolds …
  • Notice your next thought/feeling and let it pass by, notice the next one and let it pass by …

When starting, it may be easier to find stillness while you are physically still and quiet. With practice you’ll be able to find stillness for a few seconds while ‘on-the-go’, as I did when I used to meditate in train stations!

I urge you to make some time to pause and find stillness – it will be worth it!

If you need some help, the essence of my Healing Sessions is to assist you to find stillness, and hence your own wisdom about resolving your health issue.

I’d love to hear about your experience of be-ing still …

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