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Young woman with arms raisedAre you feeling peaceful and joyful right now? If so, you’re in a place of ‘expansive way of being’ where it’s easy for your healing energy to flow.

If, on the other hand, you’re feeling any discomfort – in body, mind or spirit – read on to find out how you too can move to an expansive way of being where you feel at peace, and your healing energies can flow.

Try clenching your fist, and notice how the constriction feels – for me it feels tight and umcomfortable with the energy cut off.

Now open your hand, and notice how it feels – for me it feels relaxed, loose, light and open.

When you’re in a constricted state you get cut off from your healing energy, whereas when you’re in an expanded state your healing energy flows naturally and easily.

This article was inspired by marketeer Robert Middleton’s Way’s of Being Chart. Just reading through his list of constrictive ways of being, and their opposites – the expansive ways of being – made me feel joyful!

Take a browse through the list, and see which pair of states of being jump out for you.

Ways of Being Chart

Constrictive Expansive Constrictive Expansive
Accusing > Forgiving Impatient > Patient
Angry > Calm Insecure > Secure
Annoyed > Pleased Irritable > Content
Apathetic > Enthusiastic Isolated > Connected
Avoiding > Engaged Judgemental > Accepting
Blaming > Responsible Miserable > Happy
Critical > Suppportive Mistrustful > Trusting
Confused > Clear Overwhelmed > Centred
Cynical > Trusting Panicked > Peaceful
Defensive > Receptive Perfectionist > Excellent
Depressed > Joyful Pessimistic > Optimistic
Destructive > Creative Resentful > Grateful
Disappointed > Satisfied Scarce > Abundant
Discouraged > Encouraged Scattered > Focused
Disliking > Liking Selfish > Generous
Disorganised > Organised Self-conscious > Self-confident
Distracted > Attentive Stagnant > Dynamic
Embarassed > Composed Struggle > Ease
Exhausted > Energised Taking > Contributing
Fearful > Fearless Uncomfortable > Comfortable
Frustrated > Successful Unreliable > Reliable
Hesitant > Decisive Withdrawn > Expressive
Hopeless > Hopeful Witholding > Participative
Worried > Peaceful

Copyright 2008 Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing

You are free to distribute this to anyone who would value from it.

Arrows and colour added by May Johnstone

Which state of being are you experiencing right now?

And which state of expansion would you like to experience?

For example:
I’m feeling miserable, and would like to feel happy.
I’m feeling exhausted, and would like to feel energised.

Feel free to use your own words, the chart is just a prompt.

Now, the question is: how to move from constriction to expansion? There are many ways – in fact all healing methods help you move from constriction to expansion; I’ll to share two that I use regularly.

Two routes to expansion


Use the simplicity of The One Command process to take yourself from constriction to expansion, by commanding the expansion to you.

If this process is new to you, you can pick it up in a few minutes from my Quick Start for The One command, or my audio A Delicious Moment of  Commanding Health.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Use The One Command process to make your command for the expanded feeling you seek.
  2. I don’t know how I am <<happy>>, I only know I am now, and I am grateful.
  3. After making your command ‘meet yourself in the moment’, by noticing any doubt that arises, turning it into its opposite and making a new command. Meeting yourself in the moment will keep you expanded so you are aligned to receive the feeling you commanded.


Use the Sedona Method ‘polarities’ technique (also known as ‘holistic releasing’) to oscillate between the constricted and expanded feelings until you find a comfortable balance.

  1. Silently ask yourself:
    • Q1 Could I feel as ‘miserable’ as I do?
      • Receive your intuitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.
      • Whichever response you get, proceed with question 2.
    • Q2 Could I allow myself to feel as ‘happy’ as I am?
      • Don’t worry if you don’t get any feeling of happiness at first – it will appear.
  2. Repeat Q1 and Q2 several times, noticing without judgement how you feel each time.
  3. Keep repeating the questions until you feel you have reached your expanded state.

My Delicious Moment of Expanded Being talks you through this balancing process.

The Delicious Nugget: Simply bringing the possibility of expansion into your awareness will start the shift to a more expanded way of being, and open the way to better health. Deliberately taking yourself to an expanded state speeds up the process and increases your flow of healing energy.

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