Jul 112013

Drag And DropVisualisation is a powerful way to heal any discomfort.

And here’s a creative way to really speed it up …

It’s one of Mashhur Anam’s analogies, where he takes familiar concepts from the world of computers and the internet and applies them to ‘harmonise your life’.

‘Drag and drop’ makes me chuckle because of its sheer simplicity.

Here’s how you can use it for healing:

  • Imagine two screens in front of you  – eg laptop, iPad or mobile screens
  • In the left hand screen, see, or sense your discomfort
  • In the right hand screen, see, or sense what you would like instead
  • Then, in your mind, simply drag the right screen and drop it over the left screen
  • Voila! You’ve replaced your discomfort with what you’d like instead.

No analysis, no figuring out what happens to your discomfort – it is simply replaced.

  • Ease replaces pain.
  • Movement replaces rigidity.
  • Joy replaces sadness.

… use Drag and Drop to replace anything you’d like to imagine!

Here’s another concept you can use after any healing technique:


Just as you refresh your computer screen, you can refresh your body, mind and emotions, or as Mashhur says ‘Refresh your universe’.

And some more ideas from me:

  • Search and replace
  • Scan for viruses
  • Check for updates
  • Delete
  • Undo
  • Empty the bin

If these computer analogies for healing appeal to you, I expect you’ll come up with more – have fun!

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  1. thank you that is so amazingly simple even I who struggles a bit with techno stuff found this so easy to do i will look at your page further tomorrow.

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