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laughing-womanAre you having difficulty getting motivated to use EFT, Sedona, The One Command or some other type of self-healing you know will help you? Perhaps you were enthusiastic for a week, then it trailed off, or you never really got going.

Just as you need commitment and regular exercise to develop your muscles, you need the same commitment and regular practice to benefit from self-healing.

The keys are to understand what can get in the way of using self-healing, and use some tips that will help you get going and stay with it.

1. Identify your main goal

You’ll be more motivated if you have a clear vision of what the self-healing will achieve for you. This works best if you have a single long-term goal in mind – several goals tend to get diluted. So it’s worth drilling down to find the single benefit of using self-healing that is most important to you.

For example, doing Psychocalisthenics each morning has several benefits for me – keeps me trim, flexible and fit, however the real benefit to me is its energising effect as it activates each of my body systems.

2. Release any resistance

Surprising as it may seem, while your conscious mind may be very keen to get going, your unconscious mind may be running out-of-date beliefs that are totally out of line with your conscious goal.

For example there will be little headway if your conscious mind says ‘EFT tapping will help me dissolve my fear of flying’, while your unconscious mind is saying ‘This fear is protecting me’.

This contradiction makes it an enormous effort to get into your tapping, and you can easily find yourself sabotaging your efforts.

Here are three ways to release your resistance:

  • Use EFT to tap away the resistance, or go deeper and dissolve your core beliefs that underlie your resistance
  • Use The Sedona Method, to first welcome the resistant feeling, and then ask yourself ‘Could I let it go?, ‘Would I let it go?’, ‘When?’ Repeat with the next feeling that surfaces.
  • Use The One Command, to make a command along the lines ‘I don’t know how I easily do my self-healing every day, I only know I can now, and I am grateful.

You’ll find ‘Quick Starts’ for these three healing methods here.

3. Develop a habit

Suppose you want to use The Sedona Method to dissolve the various aspects of your sore knee. Rather than spend a whole hour one day, then finding you don’t have a free hour the next day, try this approach:

  • Do 5-10 mins Sedona releasing three times a day. Short spells are easy to fit in, and if you miss one all is not lost.
  • Link these times to existing habits, such as before or after meals, before or after sleep, getting home from work – when you’re more likely to remember to do them

Received wisdom says it takes up to 21 days to establish a habit, so you’ll need to persist at the start. This is where support comes in.

4. Get support

It’s often easier to do something new when you have support from other people; they will motivate you, and you can ask them to hold you to account for what you plan to do. Here are three ways to get support.

  • Become an active participant in a local group with regular sessions.
  • Buddy up with a friend who has similar aspirations – this could be someone local, or an internet friend. Tell each other what you plan to do, and get together weekly to review how it went.
  • Join an online forum which has a message board for goals – state what you’re going to do, and report in frequently.

Saying what you’re going to do and being held accountable is a great motivator for getting started and keeping going!

The Delicious Nugget: You’ll find it easier to start using your self-healing and stay with it if you: have a single goal , dissolve any resistance, make it a habit, and get support.

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