Jul 102009

agave-cut-piecesSummertime in Scotland draws the potential hazards of bites and sunburn.

For me midge bites (like a mild form of mosquito bite) quickly disappear, but cleg, or horse fly bites, swell up and itch for a week or more.

Last week I applied aloe vera juice shortly after feeling the nip of several horse fly bites, and they disappeared overnight. I used to buy aloe vera in a tube, now we grow it in a pot, and it’s easy to cut a leaf and use the juice which emerges.

Now that I eat more raw food I’m much more tolerant of the sun; but if I do get a bit too much, aloe vera juice calms it down overnight.

So, if bites or burns are a hazard for you, I encourage you to test a small area of your skin first, and if all’s well apply aloe vera juice until the symptoms disappear.

If you know of a repellent for horse flys that really works, please let me know!

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