Oct 112013

Finger hold for breathingIf you suffer from asthma, or any other breathing problem, here’s a simple technique to help you breathe more easily. 

You achieve this by gently unblocking your energy flow.

Gently wrap the fingers and thumb of one hand around the ring finger of the other hand, as shown in the photo. Either hand can do the holding.

Continue this finger hold until you feel your breathing ease, or you have a sense of completion for now.

You can easily hold your finger in social situations, while travelling, or as you go to sleep – in fact any time you have both hands free!

This finger hold helps the lung and gallbladder energies to flow freely again; and it’s the same finger hold you use to soothe sadness.

Use it everyday until your breathing issue is resolved.

As usual, if you’re on medication, please continue to follow your doctor’s advice.

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  2 Responses to “Delicious Tip : Breathe With Ease”

  1. Excellent, Manar, so good to breathe with ease!

  2. Thanks, very useful

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