Oct 252013

Finger hold for angerFeeling angry with someone, yourself or a situation? Got some old anger stored away that’s draining your energy?

Here’s a quick way to help you defuse that anger …

We all get angry at times, and that’s fine, so long as we feel the emotion and then let it pass – like a cloud in the sky. As young children do.

Problems arise when we hold on to anger; then it drains our energy, gets locked into our cells and diminishes our health.

Just as removing the fuse from an electrical appliance stops the electrical flow, there’s a Jin Shin Jyutsu finger hold we can use to defuse anger.

Hold your middle finger
  1. Use the fingers and thumb of one hand to gently hold the middle finger of the other hand. It doesn’t matter which hand does the holding.
  2. Hold your middle finger until you feel the anger lessen or dissolve – this could be anything from a few seconds to twenty minutes or more.

You can hold your middle finger to defuse anger you’re experiencing in the moment. For example the angry feeling I have when a colleague tells me she hasn’t done what she agreed to. The finger hold is so unobtrusive that it’s easy to use in a work, family or social situation.

You can also hold your middle finger to defuse ‘old’ anger you’ve stored away, such as the anger you still feel towards a relative from a confrontation that happened years ago.

Old anger is like a computer program running continually in the background – it’s taking up space in your emotional field and draining your energy.

If you’re aware you have some ‘old’ anger simply hold your middle finger until you feel some relief. You may need to repeat this finger hold over a number of days until the anger is completely defused.

To keep your energy high it’s best to experience and let go of emotions as they arise, so any time you notice you’re experiencing anger for a few minutes, you can defuse it by holding your middle finger!

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