Jan 232015

Anita MoorjaniHas your illness taken over too much of your life?

Do you spend hours trying to track down the cause, Googling up remedies?

Do you get diverted to symptoms and causes, and perhaps end up fearful you might have ‘insert disease label’ with its dire meaning and consequences?

It’s easy to allow yourself to get overwhelmed by your illness, and sucked into fear. Fear puts you on our guard; your muscles tense up, and if you continue to be immersed in thoughts about your illness, you end up feeding the state you’re in.

In her 8 minute video Anita Moorjani shares a very different approach to illness, based on the premise that you are not your illness.

Here are the key points I took from the video:

  • Talk to your body and your illness
  • Ask your illness what it is here to tell you
  • Love your body and your illness
  • See any treatments simply as errands
  • Feel and live your day as if you are well
  • Make fun, joy, life, love, and passion the focus of your life

I’ve been talking to the different parts of my body, telling them I love them, and asking any sore parts what they are here to tell me. Starting with my hair, I rarely got lower than my neck before falling asleep. Maybe that’s why several people have recently asked me what I’ve had done to my hair as it’s the one part I’ve been consistently loving! Now I’m varying the part of my body I start with  🙂

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