Feb 162012

Simply ‘placing’ your discomfort in your heart is a wonderful and simple self-healing tool you can use any time, any where.

It gives you a break from the chatter of your mind too!

I for one have spent most of my adult life ‘in my head’ rather than in my heart. Now I’m discovering that spending more time in my heart not only takes me to a much more peaceful place, but also reduces or dissolves any discomfort I’m feeling.

An upset with a friend dissolved into nothing in my heart.

A pain in my shoulder diminished greatly after I ‘placed’ it in my heart.

While your mind is perfect for storing and retrieving information, your heart is a gateway to other realms and resources.

Try it now!

  • Become aware of a current discomfort – physical, emotional or spiritual.
  •  Relax and drop your awareness from your head to your heart. Here are some ways to do this:
    • lower your awareness with each outbreath until it’s in your heart
    • bow your head, to disengage your mind
    • place your hand over your heart
  • Spend a few moments sinking into your heart, and enjoying the peacefulness there.
  • When you’re ready, ‘place’ the discomfort in your heart.
  • Stay in your heart, and notice what happens … perhaps some sensations, an insight, or a simple disappearance of the discomfort …

When you’re finished check how your feel – same? worse? better?

The Delicious Nugget: A wonderful self-healing tool is to place your discomfort in your heart, and allow it to be healed.

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  4 Responses to “Could Your Heart Heal Your Discomfort?”

  1. I have been dreaming about heart healing for some time now
    I looked for images in my search engine and found you.
    This method is beautiful and simple. Gonna share this site with
    Others. Thanks

  2. Awesome tool, thank you for sharing.
    Bending my head to my chest is one of the best things to get out of my head and into my heart.
    Then I placed something in my heart space that was bothering me today and made me feel heavy and it was dissolved in a few seconds. It just got lighter.
    I love tools that work that quick! Thank you for all you share, your newsletter is a great read every month!

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