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You’re probably aware that the story you’re continually telling yourself about any aspect of your life has a great influence on the health you’re experiencing.

Changing the story you’re telling yourself is one way to improve your health.

Here’s the Wordle from the story a client told me before her healing session. The words speak for themselves – a strong fear with many negative associations and expectations.

What a contrast to the Wordle from her story after her healing session, where fear has changed to confidence, change and feeling better. Fewer words as she became more peaceful, and adopted a positive outlook.

The stories we tell ourselves are like children’s stories – told and retold with many variations around a perpetual theme. Like children’s stories your story may have originated generations ago, and been passed on to you by your parents. It may be quite inappropriate for your present circumstances, yet it continues to play as if on autopilot.

Fortunately, many healing methods can help you change your story – wherever it comes from – in surprisingly fast and pain-free ways. They don’t all talk about ‘stories’, some refer to ‘points of view’, or filters – like glasses – through which we see the world, or perspectives.

Routes to a new, positive story

You can use positive thinking, or affirmations, however I’ve found them to be hard work, and eventually they usually peter out.

Better to use a method that goes to the root of the negative story so you can heal the cause, and allow yourself to spontaneously choose a new positive story. Many don’t even require you to identify or deconstruct the negative story – that happens in the back ground as part of the process.

TAT involves holding a simple pose with your hands on your head, as you witness what comes up when you briefly consider a series of statements. The first statement is the problem, and the last is your ‘Choice’. By the Choice step people’s ‘point of view’ as stories are called in TAT, has invariably changed to a positive view on the way forward.

EFT involves tapping on the ends of several meridians as you consider your problem. As you continue to tap, the problem dissolves. I’ve noticed that as the tapping calms people they often have an insight that allows them to see the issue from a new perspective, so they start to tell themself a different story.

The One Command involves asking yourself ‘What do I want instead?’ of your problem. A six step meditation process takes you to the source space – the place of all possibilities, where you command what you want instead. As you allow your command to expand in that space you’ll gain insights that change your story.

Access Consciousness discourages people from telling stories at all! After all if you’re living in the present moment, there are no stories to tell. One of their many tools that will help you to let go of stories is to regard all your thoughts and those of others, as just ‘Interesting Points Of View’ – this practice loosens the knot of judgement, and will change any story you’re telling yourself.

The Sedona Method works by releasing whatever thoughts, beliefs and emotions are present in the moment, until you get to a clear space where a new point of view invariably emerges.

If you’re ready for some help to change your story – and your health, the place to start is with my Free Consult.

The Delicious Nugget: Telling and retelling negative stories eventually has an adverse impact on your health. Various healing modalities can help you to see your issue from a new perspective, thus altering your story to a positive one that nurtures your health.

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  2 Responses to “Change your story, change your health”

  1. Thanks May! Your article makes me think about how changing the story can also happen via SPACE. One client I worked with had a bedroom that she hated as it was a constant reminder of a relationship that had ended. She avoided the room as much as possible and slept terribly, mostly camping on the sofa.
    We agreed to make a sweet “NEST” just for her! She had so much fun deciding on a new color ($25 worth of paint) and after about 3 hours painting she had a new story! She decorated according to her personal taste with things that she loved. And she slept! :-)Please feel free to mention virtual consults to any of your local clients!

    • Joanna, I’ll second that – each time you’ve helped me declutter a room I’ve felt so much more peaceful in it – gone are the nagging frustrations with clutter needing to be cleared. So, yes ‘Change Your Space, Change Your Health’! Readers may be surprised to know that Joanna helps me declutter here in Scotland, from her base in Vermont – through her Virtual Consultations. May

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