Sep 192007

Sooner or later most of us get curious about the source of our life. Where do I come from? What sustains my life? How can I access this power to help myself and others heal?

I was brought up in the Quaker tradition, based on George Fox’s premise: “there is that of God in everyone”, which means that each of us has an “inner light”. The idea of going inside to my source feels natural. On the other hand, many religions and healing practices see our source as external. Continue reading »

Aug 232007

Over the years you’ve tried various types of spiritual practice; perhaps a couple of the many types of meditation, guided visualisation, Remembrance, prayer or something else. At times you’ve practiced regularly, but for one reason or another you sometimes fall by the wayside.

Family commitments, your work or day-to-day living may have squeezed your spiritual practice out. Or, a change like having visitors has put it on the back burner. Or you’ve started a new practice, abandoned the previous one, but the new one didn’t quite gel so it’s all fallen apart. Continue reading »