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One of the most common questions I’m asked goes along the lines: ‘Can you cure my sore back / my low mood / my mum’s fear of flying?’

Of course I’d love to be able to give an unqualified ‘Yes’ to everyone! However, to be fair, I’d like to explain a few things about Delicious Healing.

First, there’s a difference between healing and a cure

If your mind is set on a cure, you’re probably thinking you want your back pain to go, your mood to rise, or your mum to feel easy about flying.

Healing helps you tap into your higher intelligence, the power that made you, the source that knows just what is best for you. Healing is very likely to alleviate your symptoms, however sometimes there are other underlying issues to address first. For example, the pain in Janice’s fear of speaking up in a group stemmed from her discomfort at being moved to a new school where she didn’t know anyone. Once that was resolved her fear disappeared too.

EFT is a quick and painless method of accessing and healing core issues, and in turn alleviating your symptoms.

Are you open to receiving the healing you need, which could be different to a cure for your symptoms?

Second, you may unconsciously sabotage your healing

This is common in people who have already tried a number of therapies to little effect, or no lasting, effect. Although it may seem perverse, there can be hidden advantages in keeping your symptoms. Perhaps you’ll lose your home help, lose the attention you get as a ‘sick’ person, or have to go back to work.

Or you may have inherited an unconscious tendency to keep seeking, rather than find a solution. Perhaps this was the case with one of your parents?

If it seems your healing efforts have been blocked, we would start by healing any cause of your self-sabotage, once again in a painless way.

Are you open to the possibility you may be unconsciously sabotaging your healing?

Third, I don’t actually heal any of my clients!

Though it’s useful shorthand to call myself a ‘healer’, I’m really a ‘healing facilitator’ – I help you to heal yourself. No one can heal another person; for my part I hold a healing space which helps connect you to your healing source, and use a blend of techniques to help your healing to take place.

Your part of the healing process may be unconscious and passive, as in Quantum Touch and Reconnective Healing, or involve your active participation, as with EFT tapping and Sedona releasing.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own healing?

Fourth, occasionally there’s an energy mismatch

If the energies of client and healer clash the healing would not progress. I’m able to sense whether it’s appropriate for me to help with your healing at this time, and will let you know if I feel it would be better for you to seek help elsewhere. You’ve probably got a sense whether Delicious Healing is for you.

Having browsed www.DeliciousHealing.com, does my approach resonate for you?

So, the short answer to the question ‘Can you cure my back pain?’ is ‘I can certainly offer you healing which is very likely to help you. The exact direction the healing will take, and the effect on your symptoms, are part of the mystery of life. However, my ‘Savour and See Guarantee’ means you’ve nothing to lose; I’ll give you your money back in full a week after your session if you don’t feel your healing has been delicious!

To explore how Delicious Healing could help you, please contact me for a Free Consult.

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