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If your healing hasn’t really taken off yet, you may be partially tuned into the ‘not willing to heal’ channel. Surprisingly, there can be plenty of reasons to be unwilling to heal!

If part of you thinks ‘I really want to get better’, while another part thinks ‘Hmm, I’d have to go back to work’, and a further sub-conscious part believes ‘I don’t deserve to heal’ or ‘This is too old to heal’, you’re sending out very mixed vibrations which the universe is matching with equally mixed results of ‘stop-start’ healing.

To heal with speed and ease, you need to tune your vibration as purely as you can to the ‘complete willingness to heal’ channel. The first step is to check if you have some unwillingness to heal.

Intuit your willingness to heal

It’s more than likely that at least part of any unwillingness to heal comes from your sub-conscious beliefs. Your intuition will give you an overall sense of your unwillingness to heal, including any sub-conscious aspects. Don’t worry there’s no need to identify what these aspects are.

Ask yourself:

Truth, how willing am I  to heal?

Then scan the numbered list below, and see which number is true for you. There are several ways to do this, you could:

  • check which number jumps out at you / makes you feels light
  • dowse for a ‘yes’
  • check for a positive muscle test.

The key is to trust the first response your intuition gives you.

0  Not at all willing

1  Slightly willing

2  Fairly willing

3  Very willing

4  Completely willing

If your response is anything between 0 & 3 it’s likely that you have some unwillingness to heal. It’s not a problem that you have no idea what it is; healing modalities like TAT will help you gracefully resolve your unwillingness without any need to identify the cause.

Check the advantages of not healing

Have you ever stopped to consider the advantages of not healing? It may seem an odd question, but when you think about it there may be some real advantages of your present condition. For example, not being well enough to do things you’d rather avoid, getting lots of attention, people doing things for you, and so on.

Ask yourself:

What are the advantages of me not healing?

If you’re drawing a blank here, you could always check out with someone you trust who knows you well. An outside perspective can often be revealing.

Identifying advantages of not healing gives you a new perspective, from which you can review your  desire to heal.


If this article has prompted you to an awareness that, so far, you’ve not been completely willing to heal, congratulations – your unwillingness is the first thing to address through your healing modality of choice.

The Delicious Nugget: There can be a world of difference between wanting to feel better, and being truly willing to get better. Becoming aware of any unwillingness to heal may just get your healing rolling in a big way!

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