May 142009

tuning inWhen you wake up in the morning, do you tune into your ‘Wellbeing Channel’, knowing it will motivate and inspire your healing?

Or is your default the ‘Unwell Channel’, where your thoughts are all about symptoms and why you’re not getting better?
When you’re tuned into the Unwell Channel, you get locked into thinking about your symptoms – your blocked sinus, your chronic fatigue, or your depressed state. And then you notice it’s still the same as yesterday, and then you tell yourself a story about why it’s not getting better, and how this remedy hasn’t worked, and what started it, and what you can’t do these days, and so on, and so on… The more you focus on being unwell, the more you notice you’re unwell, and the more unwellness you attract to yourself. It’s a vicious circle – not a pleasant place to be.

When you’re tuned into the Wellbeing Channel, you notice small improvements – your sinus is a tiny bit better, you managed to hang out the laundry, or you felt a spark of energy while chatting to a friend. And then you notice you’re feeling a tiny bit better each day, and you tell yourself you’re on the mend, and now you’re curious to see what improvement tomorrow will bring.  It’s a virtuous circle that feeds your wellbeing, and feels good.

Just as you choose your music channel – pop or classical or jazz – you can choose your health channel – wellbeing or unwellness. It may take a little effort at first to break an old habit, however you’ll quickly experience positive results that will keep you motivated to keep tuned into your Wellbeing Channel.

Three ways to tune into your Wellbeing Channel

1. Look for evidence of your wellbeing

Start to look for the tiniest improvements in your wellbeing. Being able to raise your arm a quarter of an inch higher, or walk for 3 minutes, or feel brighter for half an hour are improvements. If you really can’t find any improvement at all, make up a small improvement that you think it’s feasible to attain in the coming 24 hours, visualise it often, and see what happens….

2. Tell yourself a brighter story

As you notice evidence of your improved wellbeing, you’ll find you’re starting to tell yourself a brighter story. And as your tell yourself a brighter story, and start to spend more time on your brighter story, rather than the broken record of unwellness, you start to attract that brighter story into your life. It doesn’t really matter whether your story is ‘real’ or not – your brain doesn’t distinguish between reality and fantasy –whatever you think about most becomes your reality.

3. Choose influences of wellbeing

It’s said we take on the characteristics of those we send most time with. If you’re spending time with people who discuss their health issues in a negative way, find a way to spend time with people who are focused on wellbeing. This might be the people you spend time with face to face, or perhaps online in forums.

Other sources of wellbeing include the books and magazines you read, the websites you surf, and the films and television you watch. Discard the negative ones, and seek out those which feed your wellbeing.

However you tune into your Welllbeing Channel, note down your improvements as they happen. Then, if you hit some challenging days, you can motivate yourself with the progress you’ve made.

The Delicious Nugget: When you’re tuned into the Unwell Channel you focus on your health problem and feed it. When you tune into the Wellness Channel – by noticing tiny improvements, telling yourself a brighter story, and choosing influences of wellbeing – you feed your wellbeing and healing.

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