Nov 012012

Have you been trying to heal your discomfort without success?

Perhaps you’ve missed out the crucial step of going into ‘neutral’.

When you’re experiencing discomfort, like a headache or worry or sadness, it’s natural to want to get on with some form of healing to gain relief.

Sometimes you get relief quickly, while other times no amount of healing gives you that much-wanted relief. Why should this be?

We can explore this through a car analogy. To change gears in a car you have to go through neutral before moving into the next gear. Otherwise, your gears would crash, bringing you to a rapid halt. Similarly with healing, it helps to ‘go into neutral’ before your healing can progress, or your resistance towards your discomfort can crash against your healing work, halting your progress.

For a car with automatic gears, the shift through neutral happens automatically. Sometimes healing is like this, the shift through neutral happens automatically, and your healing progresses.

For a car with manual gears, you have to shift the gear stick into neutral before moving it into the next gear. Sometimes healing is like this too, you need to pause and go into neutral before your healing can progress.

What does’ going into neutral’ mean?

Going into neutral means accepting your present condition as it is, just for the moment, before moving on to change it. It takes you into that neutral space, before you choose to move into the space of healing.

It means allowing your present condition to be.

It means welcoming your present condition, unpleasant as it may be.

Put another way, it means letting go of resisting, or fighting, your condition.

‘What we resist persists’.

After all, your condition is the reality that you’re experiencing right now, so why not acknowledge and accept it, so you can move forward?

How do you get into neutral?

There are many ways to get to neutral, here are some I use myself and with my clients. See which one jumps out for you, and try it for yourself.

Simply make a choice to accept your condition as it is, just for now. Really it’s as simple as that!

Say to yourself: I’m Resting for <insert your condition> now

By its very nature of doing nothing Intentional Resting© opens you up to accepting your condition, and unravelling the stress that’s causing it.

Ask yourself: Could I welcome <insert your condition>?

This is the first of the Sedona Method releasing questions, ask the question, and see if you get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. Don’t be disheartened if you get a ‘No’ – often you still get the release into neutral space!

Have your Bars run

When you have your Bars run old beliefs, judgements and conclusions around 32 areas of your life automatically dissipate, so you end up more ‘neutral’.

The Nugget: Resisting or fighting your condition perpetuates it; much better to accept it and go into ‘neutral’, so you can move forward with your healing.

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    VERY timely reminder.

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