Oct 062011

Have you ever done some healing, only to be disappointed that your symptoms persist? So you think the healing has failed? What if your healing was effective, only in a different direction to your intention?

Most people who come to me for help with their healing would like to end up with a reduction in their symptoms, be it a sore back, feeling low or some other discomfort. This is often what they achieve. Other times people are clearly disappointed that their symptoms persist – what’s gone wrong?

I booked three healing sessions, hoping to improve my eyesight, so I wouldn’t need to wear reading glasses. I was also open to the healing perhaps taking another direction. Three weeks later, there was no significant change in my eyes, I could still only read the newspaper in daylight or with a strong light. However, I did notice that my attitude to my eyes had changed – I felt more accepting of them, with some satisfaction that releasing my resistance towards them may be a step towards restoring 20/20 vision….

As I reflected on my experience, I suddenly realised that while autumn had arrived I was still wearing sandals, and my hands and feet were warm. Ever since the shock of an emergency op fifteen years ago I had felt the cold.

I realised my youthful warmth had returned, and was very pleased with this unexpected outcome from my healing sessions, and glad that I’d been open to something else showing up!

Eric Pearl, of The Reconnection, talks about ‘allowing the power that made you to be the power that heals you’. While the power that made you remains a mystery, it’s clear that it has an intelligence beyond that of the mind. So, when you undertake healing, how about letting go of specific intentions, and surrendering to the intelligence of the power that made you? This explains why with Reconnective Healing we encourage you to be open to the healing taking its own course.

With TAT we start with a very broad ‘intention’ – so broad it allows anything to show up:

This healing is for the benefit of my ancestors, my family, everyone involved, all parts of me, all points of view I’ve ever held, and everyone who would like to benefit. This healing will happen safely and easily.

When I run a TAT session for myself, or facilitate one with a client, I notice the healing outcome often shows up as a conscious change in perspective, which is so pronounced that the presenting issue no longer seems like a problem. People often end up with a perspective that they wouldn’t even have considered at the start of the session.

From an Access Consciousness perspective, making an intention is like putting on blinkers – creating tunnel vision for specific results – what about all the other possible results outside the tunnel we’re not allowing ourselves to receive?

In an Access Bars session, running the Circle Of Manifestation Bar, enables you to let go of redundant thoughts and beliefs about how your healing shows up, so you can be open to all possibilities!

Are you ready to surrender your intention to the wisdom of your energy system, and be open to where your healing takes you? If you do, one thing’s for sure, you’ll have an exciting time!

The Delicious Nugget: Making a specific healing intention may blinker you to a higher priority of your energy system. Another option is to surrender your healing to the wisdom of the power that made you. Which feels light to you?






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